The KL Sky Clinic: Revolutionizing health care, for the better.

Challenging the norms of conventional heath care, The KL Sky Clinic is Malaysia’s pioneer of lifestyle medicine. Creating a unique avenue for people to better their health, naturally, this clinic is not just for the sick. It advocates strongly, treatments and services that strengthen and heal the body internally, so that it can fight better another day.

KL Sky Clinic interior

A name inspired by the location of their office on the 36th floor of the SOHO Suites in KL, its fundamental purpose since 2014, is to gather young doctors to work together. Stepping into the Sky Clinic feels akin to stepping into a spa. It’s comfortable, it’s cosy, and the doctors are open and approachable. Already, it does not emanate a typical hospital atmosphere. You will get up close and personal with one of the friendly doctors here for a consultation at just RM 50 and a health screen if necessary. And after running the appropriate lab analysis, you’ll have a custom made treatment plan, tailored to improve your well-being.

We asked the doctors about some of the noteworthy treatments and services they provide and got some interesting answers.

KL Sky Clinic Treatment #1: Platelet Rich Plasma Facial (PRP)

PRP in action

We gave this treatment a try. Also known as the ‘vampire facial’ made popular by Kim Kardashian, PRP is a way to rejuvenate your skin, giving back your face that natural glow. This procedure sounds rather alarming at first, what with needing to extract some blood from the patient to begin the treatment. But rest assured, it does not look, or feel, as bad as it sounds. The blood taken will be placed in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the red and white blood cells. And this concentrated plasma, rich in platelets containing an abundance of growth factors, is then injected into the face using micro needles. Don’t worry, numbing cream will be applied to your face beforehand so you won’t be in pain. What the micro-needling does, is that it creates tiny punctures in the skin’s top layer. This “controlled injury” triggers the body to create new collagen and elastin, a key part of our skin that begins to reduce as we age. This micro-needling, coupled with the growth factor rich plasma stimulates our own skin’s healing powers that will translate into healthier skin. So if you’re looking to reduce those pigmentations, scars and fine lines, have a natural face lift, and even out that skin tone, come to KL Sky Clinic and the doctors here will carry out this procedure for you safely and effectively.

KL Sky Clinic Treatment #2: IV Vitamin Cocktails

KL Sky Clinic

Often times, only 15% of the nutrients in the food we eat gets absorbed by our bodies. So it’s no surprise that we lack certain nutrients, and that shows itself in certain symptoms, like fatigue, hair fall, dull skin and falling sick easily. Fortunately, there is now a way to introduce water soluble vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream for maximum absorption. Through an intravenous (IV) vitamin drip. This treatment allows the nutrients to reach your body instantly, at a cellular level, to maintain optimum wellness. At the Sky Clinic, there are a range of multivitamin ‘cocktails’ whose contents vary according to the needs. It could have an array of benefits from improved skin tone and energy levels, to remedial ones like a boost in immune system and slowing down of the aging process, all the way to being a natural alternative to post cancer treatment. Contact the doctors here to find out the right ‘cocktail’ for you.

KL Sky Clinic Treatment #3: A personal SWAT team of doctors

Mobile medical kit

Currently the only clinic in Malaysia that delivers doctors to your doorstep, the KL Sky Clinic currently gives a 24 hour hotel visitation service to all 4 and 5 star hotels around the Klang Valley and PJ. You can contact them through your hotel’s concierge, and in no time, very capable doctors will arrive at your room, armed with their extensive medical kit, to tend to your emergency.

KL Sky Clinic Treatment #4: Travel worry free!

For the adventurers out there, before your next trip, head on over to the KL Sky Clinic. They will provide you the A to Zs on how to get your body ready for the country you’re about to visit. You will be receiving all the pre and post travel preventive care necessary. Doctors here will provide a consultation on which vaccines to take, perform a health screen pre and post travel, and advice you on any medication to take with you on your trip. That way, you can take on that adventure full force and with minimal health risk. Not just for avid travellers, this service provided is extremely worthwhile for those going on business trips as well as on religious pilgrimages. Know how to avoid a bug, and what to do if you do catch one.

Doctors at KL Sky Clinic

“Prevention is better than cure” is the mantra at the KL Sky Clinic. Even if you are not sick, it does not mean that you’re completely healthy. Health is a scale that you should constantly keep in check. So give your body that care and attention it deserves so that it will be able to take you through the roughest of times, unharmed. You can do so with competent guidance from the doctors at the KL Sky Clinic, a health haven of the modern age.

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KL Sky Clinic

Address: Kuala Lumpur, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone: +60 16-265 3679

Hours: 9AM–5PM

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