If you’re looking for a gym around Bangsar South, here’s a suggestion. Ministry of Burn comes fully equipped to exhaust. All for the sake of helping you get that workout your body needs and deserves.

What’s Special about Ministry of Burn?

Ministry of Burn @ Bangsar South

All in all, MOB is a perfectly suited gym, I would say, for the on-the-move working girl looking to burn calories in a short amount of time, particularly interested in toning the legs and butt.

Innovative workout routines are the core focus of Ministry of Burn so if you’re looking for something outside of the norm, you might find it here.

The workouts offered here are heavy on the cardio aspect, so be prepared to sweat your butt off. I would say that strength is not the primary focus here, unless you mindfully intend to build that. Even if you’re looking to build and burn at the same time, the Row classes workouts include weights that you can scale up as you wish. There are two main types of classes here, the Row and the Ride.

Ministry of Burn’s Workout Types

There are 6 types of classes at Ministry of Burn; ROW, ROWCAMP, RIDE, MOVE and PILATES CLASSES.

We tried out both the Row and Ride Dirty classes at MOB Bangsar South and here’re the verdict.

Ministry of Burn’s Workout Type #1: Row

Ministry of Burn @ Bangsar South

For Row, you’ll go through a stations circuit workout.

Very cardio based. About 2 to 3 reps per four station work out.

You’ll be doing rowing, weighted lunges, squats, burpees, push ups, kettle bell swings and ball slams. Pretty much working the entire body.

Because of the intense repetition, you’ll get very tired mid-rep, so you’ll have to force yourself to resist the urge to stop. It was tough! I stopped sooo many times during, it was embarrassing. So, no doubt here that MOB does strike up a burn.

Ministry of Burn @ Bangsar South

Ministry of Burn’s Row class cool down

I would take note though, that if you’re going during peak hours (I went on a Friday night), expect the class to be full and you won’t be able to get much focused attention from the trainer. Would be better if MOB reduces the size of their class slightly.

Ministry of Burn @ Bangsar South

After Ministry of Burn’s Row class

Ministry of Burn’s Workout Type #2: Ride

Ministry of Burn @ Bangsar South

For the Ride Dirty classes, expect loud upbeat music, lights flashing and a deep burn in your thighs and your butt. There is minimal workout of the upper body though, which may be attractive for most ladies.

What happens in this class is that you’ll be guided by an instructor to go through an intense 45-minute session of workout on stationary bikes that will leave your heart pumping frantically and your body drenched with sweat at the end of it.

The great thing about Ride Dirty is that you are free to choose your own resistance levels. So, if you’re more experienced, you can choose a scale of higher resistance compared to if you’re a novice.

Also, this is great for people with differing levels of fitness because you can scale up or down as you wish. If you’re going hardcore, use heavier weights, keep up the pace with the instructor, and don’t place your butt down on the seat unless instructed to. The more you keep off the bike seat, the more you’re depending on your leg and core muscles, the more work you’re getting done and the more calories you’re burning.

The killer tempo is the ‘1212’ tempo. Expect your whole lower body to burn. Yup, you’ll really feel your glutes, quads and calves like you’ve never felt them before.

But to take your mind off the pain, I think the music does a good job at distraction. Because it’s so upbeat and catchy, you’ll naturally gravitate to moving in time with the beat and tempo which is a surprising way your body will manage to push forward with the workout.

But if you get tired out, don’t worry about falling back slightly. Even with the music and instructor, you can really just work at your own pace if the one set is too intense. And finally, the class ends with a cool down stretch.

Ministry of Burn @ Bangsar South

Sweaty me and Kristyn

I had the great pleasure of riding with Kristyn. She did a great job at motivating us and encouraging the class to continue albeit the pain.

Ministry of Burn @ Bangsar South

After Ministry of Burn’s Ride class

Do note that Ride Dirty is the most advanced Ride class in MOB. You’ll need to get used to the equipment before you come. So, if it’s your first time, come about 15 minutes earlier to get a briefing on the equipment and the moves. Highly recommending you try out the Intro to Ride class before you jump straight into Ride Dirty because there is a fair bit of moves that involve a lot of coordination that will be more comfortable if you ease into it.

Ministry of Burn’s Facilities

Would say that MOB looks its part being in Bangsar South.

Ministry of Burn @ Bangsar South

Ministry of Burn front desk

It’s spacious halls, sleek design, top notch equipment and extensive facilities will immediately impress.

Ministry of Burn’s bathrooms

Changing rooms, lockers, impeccable bathrooms, hairdryers, cycling shoes that lock on to the cycle and face towels for the workout when you come in.

Ministry of Burn @ Bangsar South


These are some of the services that MOB provides to their members. I would say that it was more than adequate.

Ministry of Burn @ Bangsar South

Cycling shoes

You can have a pretty comfortable and convenient experience with MOB as your gym, especially if you’re working or living around the Bangsar South area.

Ministry of Burn’s Pricing

Putting the package list for Ministry of Burn here.

Ministry of Burn @ Bangsar South

Ministry of Burn’s Price List

They charge based on credits whereby one credit will enable you to attend any of their 6 types of classes which are ROW, ROWCAMP, RIDE, MOVE and PILATES CLASSES

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