Like many people on their fitness journey, you’re eventually going to stumble across this question:

To gym or not to gym?

And you’re in luck if you stumbled upon this article, because you’re about to be enlightened 😛

Let me break down 6 reasons to help you decide if you should join a gym in KL or stick to doing home workouts.


Choose to join a gym in KL if

FOR Gym in KL Reason #1: You lack motivation

gym in kl

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Let’s be honest with ourselves.

Discipline is one thing.

Discipline over a long period of time, performing a laborious task, on your own (cause let’s also be honest, your friends can sometimes be the toughest obstacles if you’ve taken up healthy living, what with the drinking and the desserts galore!) is another.

Getting fit alone, can break even the strongest of us.

If you don’t have impregnable willpower, this tough journey can be very lonely, and demotivating. Especially if the people around you are indulging in less than healthy activities.

If so, one great way to steel that self-control is the gym.

Granted, we’ve heard all the horror stories of our friends signing up and slacking off after a month, but that’s because they were not meeting all the reasons on this list FOR joining a gym in KL.

Joining a gym is great especially if there are instructors in your class. Having someone yell at you to do your sets is oddly gratifying. I mean, in a very motivating way.

If your instructor is good, he or she can encourage you to push yourself to your limit, and often times that limit is far greater that what we could achieve on our own.

If in the gym you have to work out with a partner, that partner becomes your competitor and it’s strange to say, but with competition, a lot more can be accomplished.

Come on, you know you’re Asian, losing is NOT an option.


FOR Gym in KL Reason #2: You draw energy from others

If you are demotivated by a lifeless room where you, and only you alone are plodding along trying to finish your sets, maybe the idea of a gym isn’t so bad after all.

In gyms, if having other people there, working alongside you, gives you motivation and drives to push yourself harder, go for it!

If group activities are your thing, you’re not losing out signing up with a gym in KL. You’re investing in your fitness in the long term.

This enjoyable vibe you get from your gym will encourage you to work out more, leading to eating healthier and hence living healthier.


FOR Gym in KL Reason #3: You need a range of equipment

If you’re looking to do leg presses, lateral pull-downs and chest presses, maybe home workouts aren’t for you. Unless you have a fully equipped home gym, then you’re totally good for it.

It’s much better to use the ones at the gym instead of purchasing your own because, well firstly, the cost is pretty high, and second, it takes up a lot of space.

So unless you have both of that to spare, just make use of the ones at the gym.


FOR Gym in KL Reason #4: You’ve been injured before and would benefit from coaching

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If you have old injuries, it would be very helpful if you have input from a coach about scaling down the intensity of some exercises that might put you in danger of hurting yourself.

It would be really great to do a different exercise that works the same muscles as the ones you can’t use intensively due to your old injury.

And I know that because I have an old injury and it’s been great being given different exercises to work on that trains the muscles I need to work out on while leaving my more ‘decrepit’ parts alone 😛


FOR Gym in KL Reason #5: You need the accountability

gym in kl

Source: Bruce Mars

You need some sort of system to keep you accountable to your fitness regime.

Install a system so that you feel a sense of loss when you don’t attend your classes or when you skip your workout routine.

It can be letting down a friend at the gym. It can be the feeling of regret when you paid for your membership but are not reaping the benefits of it.

Anything to condition a negative feeling when you’re slacking.

But not so much that you back off completely even after small slip ups. Just enough to get you back to your routine the next day, a little bit more motivated.


FOR Gym in KL Reason #6: It’s so convenient to get to the gym your mind automatically goes “why not?”

Half the battle is won just GETTING there.

When you’re there, you’ll think, “well, I made it all the way here already, might as well make use of the journey and make the time I spend here productive”.

So then no one has to drag you to do your work out. It’s no surprise that the reason many people drop out of gym is because the whole process it’s NOT convenient.

“Oh, it’s too far.” “Parking is difficult.” “It’s really jammed at that roundabout getting there.”

These excuses may seem small, but sooner or later, these become the heavy factors that will cause you to give up with gym.

Take measures to choose a gym in KL that you can find no excuse NOT to go.

“Well, it’s just 5 mins from my work place.” “There is a shower there, I can refresh myself after work.” “Parking is just outside the gym, I can just park and step in.”

Again, although these mental notes are simple, these will be the ones playing in your mind each time you ask yourself “should I go to the gym today?”


Choose to do home workouts if

FOR Home Workouts Reason #1: You are extremely self-motivated

Source: Scott Webb

If you have this, you’re the boss of your own workout schedule! If one-hour workouts four times a week does not faze you, you don’t need the gym!

You can work out when you want, wherever you want, and at whatever time you want! So long that you do it and you KEEP doing it.


FOR Home Workouts Reason #2: You have ample space at home

Source: bruce mars

Granted, there are some workout routines that take up a sliver of space.

But I must admit, it is very nice when you have room to stretch and move about freely without having to worry about bumping into things.

If you’re uncomfortable with your workout space, that gives a negative connotation towards working out and you won’t enjoy the activity as much.

So make sure you have room to move and exercise as comfortably and freely as you can!


FOR Home Workouts Reason #3: You enjoy working out alone

Source: Pixabay

If you’re very self-conscious of your body and feel embarrassed at the thought of people watching you work out (maybe you have an uber ugly workout face :P) then maybe go with home workouts.

Your self-consciousness may lead you to not push yourself hard enough when working out in a group.


FOR Home Workouts Reason #4: You have your own equipment

gym in kl

Source: mentatdgt

If you have all the equipment you need at home, or all you need is a yoga mat, a sports bra and sports shoes, I see little reason for you to sign up for a gym membership.

Of course, that is provided you check a few things off this list FOR home workouts.


FOR Home Workouts Reason #5: You need your own work out flow

Source: Scott Webb

Sometimes gyms introduce new ways of exercising that you may find slightly uncomfortable.

For example, working with a partner, reducing the number of sets from what you’re used to, focusing on technique when you just want to go basic and break a sweat.

If you’re one that hates having to adjust to new workout routines and you already have a comfortable system in place, go right on ahead with your systematically organized home workout.

I say whatever floats your boat, take that and run with it!


FOR Home Workouts Reason #6: There are no gyms within a half an hour drive from your place of work or stay

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Well, this is highly unlikely, but if that’s the situation you’re in, don’t bother signing up with a gym unless you’re very comfortable driving that distance every other day.

We don’t want distance to be the reason you call fitness quits.


Tips to consider when choosing a gym in KL.

Alright. If you’ve decided that you’re better off joining a gym, here are 5 tips to help you make your gym decisions.


Tip #1: Memberships

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It’s a kinda sad hypothesis, but because I think gyms don’t expect you to last, some branches try to get as much money out of you in one shot. They make you join a membership for 6 months or a year.

I would advise not to go for them, there are plenty of high-quality gyms in KL that charge on a monthly basis, you just got to do your research and find them.

Don’t settle into a commitment you’re not comfortable with. Unless you are, then go on ahead.


Tip #2: Kinds of classes offered

Source: bruce mars

Go with a class that you prefer working out in.

If you don’t even want classes and are comfortable just being with the machines and working out at your own time and pace, do just that!

If you prefer something with an instructor crafting out your workout and you like surprises because doing the same thing every day bores you, find something that accommodates your preference.

If you thrive in groups and like being in a high energy class with dancing or loud music blaring, there are plenty of hot yoga, Zumba, and indoor cycling gyms around KL, just take your pick!


Tip #3: Do the classes you want, slot in nicely with your timetable?


Super important question to ask.

Again, convenience is KEY!

Make the decision to commit ONLY if it’s bloody convenient. If not, what’s the point? You’ll be beating yourself up just to come to gym


Tip #4: Do you work well with the instructors?

Signing up for that trial class is crucial.

Rookie mistake if you just sign up with the gym after only a consultation.

You need to experience a class to know if you’re a good fit for it. Take note of the instructors there.

Are they tough enough? Are they motivating you enough?

Take note of the people there too!

Are they more of the relaxed, nonchalant types or are they there to GET WORK DONE! This is important because the people at your gym will affect the way you push yourself in the gym.

Monkey see, monkey do remember? 😉


Tip #5: Does it fit into your budget?

Source: Skitterphoto

Don’t choose gyms that will break the bank. I know, it’s a no brainer. But still must be mentioned here, since I’m being thorough.

A decent gym in KL nowadays cost anything between 200 to 300 ringgit.

But that’s just the average, you can find plenty above and below that figure. Again, visit a couple of gyms, consider different options before settling. You’ll eventually find something you’ll stick with.


On a side note, since you guys are super obsessed with my life and my fitness journey (I jest), I’m actually attending this gym now. This is totally not sponsored, but thought to share this gem of a place I’ve been going to, just to motivate you to jump start your fitness game! I’ll just leave the link here. Won’t say any more.

If you do come for a trial class, and you bump into me, SAY HI!


Don’t like gyms? Check out these Top 15 Fun Indoor Activities to Get Fit in KL Instead of Hitting the Gym!

If you have a great tip on how to get fit and live healthy in KL, do share it in the comments below, however insignificant you think it might be.

Your tips might not even occur to others and may make a huge difference in the life of another.

So let’s cultivate that Malaysian sharing spirit and help each other out in our universal strive for personal fitness!

For more tips and tricks on how to get fit, specifically in KL, subscribe and we’ll send you useful advice, articles and videos to help you keep your fitness level up!

Welcome to this journey to better health!

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