Not too long ago in 2008, Malaysians were trilling with excitement over the introduction of a brand new dessert in the KL scene. Frozen yogurt, or froyo in short, took us by storm. Many could be seen sporting cups of the famous frozen swirl as they walked around in shopping malls. This delicious treat has since gained popularity and one by one, new brands started popping up in Malaysia. Today, we explored one of the better brands in the market, Moo Cow.

How Moo Cow Began

Moo Cow was founded in 2010 by a young, aspiring entrepreneur by the name of Clifford Too. Inspired by the froyo craze that swept through KL, Clifford strove to create his own brand of the delicious frozen treat. The result: a unique experience all of its own, holding its ground and even surpassing its competitors.

Moo Cow outlet in The Gardens Mall.

Moo Cow is relatively less well known than the other frozen yogurt giants out there, but it is in no way inferior. They call themselves the “Yogurt Maestros” and this well reflects their passion for all things yogurt. We visited one of their outlets in The Gardens, Mid Valley and Clifford, the man holding the reins of Moo Cow, was kind enough to oblige us with an interview. His passion for yogurt is clearly reflected in the way he talks, what he eats, and how he runs his company.

Moo Cow

Clifford Too, founder of Moo Cow with sister.

Strangely enough, Clifford likens his entire yogurt franchise to photography, of all things. An old soul at heart, he laments over the fact that technology and DSLRs have gradually replaced skill and passion that used to be the bread and butter of photographers in the past. Like his passion for photography, Clifford emphasises the importance of care and dedication – the human touch – in the pursuit of making good yogurt.

Benefits of Moo Cow’s Yogurt

Trying to be as genuine as possible, Moo Cow strives to use all raw ingredients at their earliest, unprocessed states. For example, fresh cow’s milk and unadulterated sugar from sugar cane, are some of the essential ingredients of Moo Cow’s scrumptious frozen yogurts. Stressing the difference between fresh orange juice made from actual fruit and orange flavoured drinks, in the same way, Moo Cow sets itself apart from store-bought yogurt in the sense that all their products contain the live active culture of Acidophilus Bifidus Thermophilus. To Clifford, Moo Cow’s founder, if it’s not life-cultured, it’s not yogurt. Quality is of utmost importance and preservatives are shunned upon, which is why Moo Cow creations have an understandingly shorter shelf life span. Moo Cow even has a resident nutritionist – Siti Maria – endorsing every recipe so you can be sure that every mouthful you consume is chock-full of nutrients. Clifford firmly believes these three factors are what makes his products fly off the shelves: they are healthy, taste good, and are reasonably priced.

Unlike most food products, there are many ways yogurt can go wrong. As it is produced over a span of a few days, it is often difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of error. Despite that, Moo Cow has managed to come up with a formula that is not only perfectly healthy, but perfectly delicious too!

Moo Cow’s Must Trys

#1: Moo Cow’s Greek Yogurt

Moo Cow’s Greek Yogurt (RM10)

Moo Cow’s Greek Yogurt actually forms the base of all other Moo Cow products. We had great expectations for this item and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

The Greek Yogurt is superior in every way to store-bought yogurt; the lack of preservatives and artificial flavourings is an added bonus. It is incredibly smooth and creamy, with a pleasant weight on the tongue. This yogurt hits all the right sour, yogurt-y notes, but has a delicate sweetness that lingers well after the jar is empty. It comes in cute round jars, so eating it is like scooping out your favourite jam, hoping mom doesn’t catch you. And if a small jar isn’t enough, they also serve it in big, generous tubs (RM29.90). If you are looking to try Moo Cow’s products, this is a good place to start.

#2: Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt

Moo Cow

Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt (RM10.90)

Of course, when you’re talking about Moo Cow, you have to talk about their frozen yogurt! This is the very product that kick-started the Moo Cow franchise. Given that, it is no wonder that it tastes so good! Take one bite and you’ll find yourself unable to stop. But not too worry, if you can’t get enough of this cup of yogurt-y goodness, you can bring home an entire tub for RM 44!

Moo Cow

Original flavoured Moo Cow Froyo

It’s smooth, almost velvety texture and its inviting dulcet flavours with a natural level of sweetness will satisfy even the most demanding of palates. This froyo definitely deserves its reputation as the crowd favourite. Some might even say it’s the best frozen yogurt in all of KL! As the cherry on top, drop by one of Moo Cow’s outlets on the 15th of every month, and enjoy their buy-one-free-one promotion!

Moo Cow

Buy 1 Free 1 Froyo promotion on the 15th of every month

Moo Cow’s froyo original flavour may be the most popular, but this iconic treat also comes in various exciting fruit flavours that change according to season. These seasonal flavours include red apple, peach, blackcurrent and many more. Other than the seasonal flavours, every once in a while, Moo Cow gets creative and comes up with brand new, exciting flavours with really wacky names (just try keeping a straight face while eating a banana froyo lovingly named Nana Moo!). As of right now, the trending flavour is Matcha.

Moo Cow

Matcha flavoured Moo Cow Froyo

Like all their other products, the Matcha Yoggie is made only from ingredients of the highest quality. The matcha in this item is imported straight from Japan; from Yawataya, a brand that has been making tea for over a hundred years. This greenish swirl is made with lots and lots of matcha, so the trademark green tea bitterness really hits the senses on first taste. After a few more bites, it diminishes to a more pleasant, wholesome taste. The green colouring of the swirl is a mild hue – not too bright, as no artificial colouring is added.

#3: Moo Cow Yogurt Drink

Moo Cow Yogurt Drink (RM3.80)

This Yogurt Drink is perfect if you’re looking for something cool to wet your throat after a long walk in the mall. This is less sugary than the average yogurt drink; there is a refreshing tartness to it but it still leaves a lovely sweet aftertaste. There really are no words for the luxurious sensation of this delicious liquid running down your throat. It’s so smooth and comforting, your tongue will feel like its bathing in heaven.

#4: Moo Cow Yogurt Slushy

Moo Cow

Moo Cow Yogurt Slushy (RM10.90)

Instead of your usual, sugar filled smoothies to curb your cravings of that something cold and something sweet, get a load of Moo Cow’s Yogurt Slushy! We tried this cup of yummy goodness and were stunned by the delightful amalgamation of flavours it had to offer. A sweet start with a slightly sour finish, it is the perfect healthy substitute to a sugary milkshake. A tad bit too sour though, for some, but the healthy element, and the otherwise incredible taste makes up for it!

#5: Moo Cow Yogurt Bakery

Moo Cow’s Brand New Yogurt Bakery

Moo Cow has been dealing with yogurt and yogurt-based products remarkably well, but after seven years of it, they are ready to venture into something completely new. Driven by his motto, “Only your imagination is the limit!” Clifford overturns all expectations about the yogurt industry by opening the brand new “Moo Cow Yogurt Bakery” that specialises in baked goods made with yogurt. The specialty of this bakery will be: Yogurt Bread!

Moo Cow Yogurt Bread

And no, it is not bread with spreadable yogurt, nor bread dipped in yogurt, it is in fact, bread made from yogurt.

Benefits of Yogurt Bread

Believe it or not, this bread is made without a single drop of yeast, instead, the natural fermentation of the yogurt is what causes the bread to rise.

Yogurt Bread making process

This particular bread comes with a host of benefits that will surely entice health aficionados. Firstly, because it is a yeastless bread, it is perfectly safe for those with a yeast intolerance or women who want to avoid contracting a yeast infection. Secondly, people with celiac disease can actually eat this bread! The good bacteria in the yogurt helps to break down the complex starches in the flour during the long fermentation process, so it actually makes this bread more digestible than regular bread. This is great news for celiacs and those with irritable bowel syndrome who have a craving for a good loaf. On top of that, since the yogurt eats away the carbohydrates in the flour, there is actually less sugar in the bread. So eating this bread also helps support healthy blood sugar levels.

Moo Cow Rustic Yogurt Bread

But of course, all this is null if their products doesn’t taste good. We were given the opportunity to try the yogurt bread on the first day it hit the shelves. Fresh loaves made from organic French flour, fragrant raisins and of course, yogurt. Similar in texture to regular bread, this one is a little firmer and denser with a slight spring to it. But bite into it, and warm, fluffy goodness fills the mouth. The crust provides a slight, satisfying crunch that adds a wonderful contrast to the soft centre. For all bread lovers out there, this loaf is a must-try. In addition to plain white, Moo Cow also makes breads with various additional ingredients like cranberries, walnut and raisins. These add an exciting sweetness to an already awesome loaf.

Moo Cow

Moo Cow Yogurt Bread with Raisins

Moo Cow will be experimenting with different types of bread in the near future – wholemeal bread, rustic bread, etc. – so you can expect a greater diversity on their bread shelves very soon. Besides bread, the Yogurt Bakery will also be selling other baked products made from yogurt as well. Yogurt Scones, Yogurt Muffins, Yogurt Cakes, and other mouth-watering delicacies. Moo Cow is the first company in Malaysia to market yogurt bread and pastries to the public, and as the trendsetter, they are hopeful that the public will gladly receive them.

Moo Cow Plain Yogurt Bread

As the evening drew to a close, Clifford had us all eating more of his yogurt bread. While we munched contentedly, he was cutting slice after thick slice and wolfing them down with gusto. It was apparent that this man’s passion is clearly not restricted to yogurt. His face alights as he recollects his university days when bread made up every meal: sandwiches for breakfast; toast with cheese for dinner; bread, butter and marmite for supper (“a match made in heaven”, he states with conviction). Simply put, bread is to Clifford as how rice is to Asians.

Given how Moo Cow sprang up from Clifford’s passion for yogurt, it is only fitting to let his love for bread guide the franchise in this new direction. And considering Moo Cow’s sterling history with yogurt, there is no doubt that the “Moo Cow Yogurt Bakery” will be an equally rousing success.

Be Part of KL’s Healthy Community!

Let us know in the comments below what you think of Moo Cow or healthy yogurt in KL! If you’re looking for more healthy places to eat in KL, check out these Top 10 Healthy Snack Pack Deliveries in KL or these 12 Epic Smoothie Spots in the city 🙂

Clean and healthy eating doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be pretty awesome in KL, you just need to know where to look, so you’re welcome!


Moo Cow

Address: Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hours: 10AM–10PM
Phone: +60 16-227 6402



Ali · October 9, 2017 at 6:12 am

Amazing information! Craving to have some froyo now!!

Ali · October 9, 2017 at 6:14 am

Amazing information! Craving for some froyo now!

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