Check out what’s in store for Amazin’ Graze’s Latest Chinese New Year Treats 2018. This local snack start-up introduces an abundance of feel-good, fun snacks with Oriental twang!

Amazin’ Graze’s Latest Chinese New Year Treats 2018

Tangerine Peanut Granola (250 g) RM19.90
A fragrant granola infused with sweet tangerine, chunky peanuts, and a hint of ginger!

Chinese New Year is one of the most festive occasions in the multicultural melting pot of Malaysia. Aside from all the angpows that one receives (or gives!), indulging in good food together with family and friends is often at the top of the agenda. As with every shiny New Year, many of us have the tendency to set lofty resolutions that become difficult to upkeep and maintain.

Amazin’ Graze’s Latest Chinese New Year Treats 2018

Longan Macadamia Butter (180 g) RM34.90
Stone ground macadamia butter infused with fragrant longan with chewy longan pieces mixed in.

This Chinese New Year, Amazin’ Graze wants to help people commit to one’s New Year’s resolutions by doing away with the lofty ones and instead focus on taking small steps to form long term habits that make a bigger impact. What better way to do this than to start with healthier snacking habits for a happy, healthy and prosperous life?

Miso Szechuan Nut Mix (100 g) RM12.90
Walnuts, almonds, cashews & pepitas coated in a peppery miso glaze and flecked with sesame seeds.

Ring in the new year with Amazin’ Graze’s new range of innovative and guilt-free snacks inspired by favourite Chinese New Year traditions and flavours! With the introduction of this delicious new range, one can easily opt to eat better this festive season with zero hesitation. Set to launch on 1st January 2018, these uniquely Oriental treats are bursting with taste and nutrition, creating snacks that will set one up for a year of good decisions ahead.

Haw Berry Brittle (80 g) RM12.90
Crispy oat, chia & flax brittle infused with tart haw berries and fragrant coconut!

Inspired by popular Chinese New Year treats such as yu sheng, love letters, and haw flakes, the Amazin’ New Year range features traditional tasty treats with a modern twist, making it the perfect snack to gorge on during one’s road trip back to the hometown and even doubles up as the perfect gift that leaves a lasting impression on guests visiting during this festive season.

Love Letter Kaya Granola

Love Letter Kaya Granola (250 g) RM19.90
Silky-smooth homemade pandan kaya caramelized over rolled oats, buttery pecans, and earthy almonds.

These never-before-seen-nor-tasted flavours include Tangerine Peanut Granola, Love Letter Kaya Granola, Miso Szechuan Nut Mix, Haw Berry Brittle, and Longan Macadamia Butter. All snacks in this range are 100% natural, vegetarian, and free of preservatives and refined sugar. If you want to give a set to someone, as a hint to you know, eat healthier, there are gift sets available to with a price range starting from RM28 to RM108.

Amazin’ Graze’s Latest Chinese New Year Treats 2018

CNY Mini Box (RM28)

So you people who want to start your prosperous year with a solid foundation of good food choices can find these treats on Amazin’ Graze’s website and at select retail outlets across Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

If you’re a fan of healthy snacks and would like to explore epic granola options around KL, click here!


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