It’s lunch time. And you have an hour. And a jammed pack schedule after. What are your options?

Grab a quick bite at the mamak outside your office? But roti canai and mee goreng will just set your fitness plan 5 steps back. Scratch that. You should have brought your own lunch today! But of course, there was no time to make it this morning, or the night before, because let’s face it, you had a million and one things to do then. Ahh, the frustration >< Well. You could just skip lunch, grab milo and munch on some biscuits in the office. But that’s not exactly healthy either, and that leaves you really hungry throughout the day and you’ll be bingeing at dinner which is the absolute worst time to eat huge portions of food. And it’ll take too long to drive out to the next closest eatery, even if they do serve healthier food. All things considered, I guess the mamak is the most convenient option here.

If you relate at all to that thought process, your fitness life is about to get a whole lot easier. With the delivery of healthy food to your doorstep!

Healthy food delivery in KL is an option that everyone trying to get fit should strongly consider. Making healthy eating simple – with just a click of a button, these places will have your lunch delivered right to your desk! Not only will this save you the trouble of heading out in the hot sun to satisfy your hunger, but you’ll be nourishing your body with wholesome sustenance that comes with calorie counts and nutritional information.

You’ll soon be on your way to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, all while saving a substantial amount of time and money with these 20 best healthy food deliveries in KL!

Healthy Food Delivery in KL #1: The Kefir King

healthy deliveries kl

A healthy diet naturally begins with a hearty and nutritious breakfast.

One that fills you up till lunch, supplies you with enough energy to last, and of course, should taste damn good.

It is breaking the longest fast we have each day after all.

So for that, we highly recommend a good carb and healthy fats. A perfect example of that would be this superb combination we’ve found on The Kefir King. They deliver delicious authentic sourdough to your doorstep along with a selection of milk and water kefir.

If this is the first time you’re hearing of either these foods, allow me to educate you. 😀

Sourdough is a way of making bread that has existed for thousands of years. With just a combination of 4 ingredients (water, flour, sourdough starter and salt), coupled with time and skill, sourdough bread is created.

This was the way bread was made before World War 2, before the invention of conventional yeast.

And because sourdough bread is made with this slow fermentation process (instead of the sped up baker’s yeast conventional way), it doesn’t spike the blood sugar like regular bread, but rather keeps you filled up for much longer. Which is why it’s one of our favourite healthy meal options. You can read more on sourdough benefits here.

Kefir on the other hand, is sorta like yogurt. That’s the best way I can describe it if you’ve never heard it before. But kefir has a much superior advantage.

If you like yogurt, and you’re taking it for health, please please please switch to kefir, because the nutrient and probiotic content in kefir is exponentially higher.

So, breakfast ideas for you guys (or a light healthy lunch/dinner) would be a bowl of kefir with fruits or a sourdough loaf with cheese or butter (as your healthy fat intake for the day).

I’m doing that myself now, so hope you guys benefit from it too!

But about the sourdough and kefir from The Kefir King, here are some of my thoughts after trying them out.

The Kefir King’s sourdough has a tough crust and a soft and bouncy crumb, and of course accompanied by bread’s irresistible aroma. Their loaves are made to order, baked the night before, to ensure freshness.

All Kefir King’s loaves are naturally flavoured by their sourdough starter, with zero additives and preservatives, definitely one of the most important highlights for me! 😀

The kefir from The Kefir King is made with fresh cow’s milk and kefir grains, also having zero additives and preservatives.

I really appreciate them trying to keep things as natural as possible. And hope that Malaysians will start to move from processed loaves to healthier sourdough options.

Delivery Fee: RM 5 (varies according to location)

Delivery Time: Thursdays and Saturdays

Price Range: RM 8 – RM19

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Whatsapp


Healthy Food Delivery in KL #2: Meal2U

Meal2U is a meal delivery service prioritising on convenience and nutrition. Each meal comes labelled with the amount of carbs, protein, fat and calories contained.

Meal2U uses natural ingredients only and imported herbs and spices. Zero MSG or even chicken stocks, which makes their meals taste really authentic and home cooked.

We tried the Citrus Baked Salmon, All Day Brunch and Omurice Teriyaki.

The Omurice Teriyaki (RM 15.90) had peas and freshly shredded carrots, brown rice and a generous portion of omelette garnishing the dish. But the main event was definitely the brown pepper chicken. Charred to perfection, firm and tender, we enjoyed immensely the smoky tones of the chicken. To add to that already satisfying medley, came the barbeque sauce drizzle, adding extra rich aromatic notes of roasted flavour to the delectable dish. Definitely our favourite from the selection considering flavour, portion and price.

The Citrus Baked Salmon (RM 24.90) was impressively well presented. Accompanying side dishes were admittedly satisfying. We appreciated the charred vegetables (broccoli, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower and wedges), especially the broccoli which was charred just right, yet maintaining its satisfying level of succulence. And another noteworthy component was the caramelised orange. That was extremely interesting, the sweet and sour intermingling orange flavours contrasted sharply with the caramelised crunch and the slight bitterness from the orange peel. Definitely something we’d have again 😀 But the main dish of the salmon was a little too overcooked in our opinion.

The All Day Brunch (RM 15.90) was decent, with charred tomato, and slightly spicy peppery beans highlighting the dish. Not incredible tasting, but definitely hitting the right notes for a satisfying vegetarian lunch option.

All in all, found the dishes at Meal2u convenient to order, receive and eat, well priced and a pretty well rounded selection of healthy nutritious dishes! Definitely made my lunch time something to look forward too J

Delivery Fee: FREE for first 5-10 km

Delivery Time: 10.30am-12.30pm (lunch) & 04.30pm-6.30pm (dinner)

Price Range: RM 15.90 – RM 23.90

Package Prices: RM 99.90 (5 meals in total)

Website | Facebook | Instagram 


Healthy Food Delivery in KL #3: Go Clean

With meals prepared under the guidance of a nutritionist, a personal trainer and an executive chef to create suitable portion-controlled macros across a broad spectrum of fitness goals, you’d expect to be charged a ridiculously premium price for it. Instead, one of the cheapest healthy deliveries in KL on our list, they live up to their name and offer clean meals at a fair price under RM20! The set meals on their regular menu typically comprises of a protein along with a sizeable portion of vegetables and their home-made dressings.

We tried the Pop Prawn with Homemade Pesto (RM15.90), the Lemon Herbs Chicken (RM13.90) and the Chicken Bibimbap (RM15.90).

But our favourite was the Pop Prawn with Homemade Pesto. I would not normally expect a pasta dish with prawns to be a healthy option but GoClean makes it with just under 450 calories. Score! The king of this dish has to be the succulent prawns, they stand out being the main source of protein of the dish. They were mildly seasoned with spices and herbs. No time to dish out the delicious details here, but you can read our full review of GoClean’s delivery performance here!

They didn’t fail to impress in terms of flavor and service. Would actually say that GOClean gave a better experience than that of many other delivery services that I’ve tried.

They are punctual. They deliver extremely presentable and sumptuous gastronomical offerings, for a very affordable price!

What more could a busy girl, trying to eat healthy, ask for!

With such an affordable price, a convenient method of getting my food, and the daily array of interesting dishes, I find that healthy eating every day is starting to look extremely feasible.

So if you’re looking to buck up your diet regime, look no further. This is a way to ensure that you have healthy and delicious food every single day under RM20!

In addition to that, the food prepared by GoClean is HALAL certified which is certainly good news to the majority of the population!

Delivery Fee: RM 3, free with purchases above RM 40

Delivery Time: Monday to Friday, 10:30am to 12:30pm

Price Range: RM 13.90 – 21.90

Package Prices:

5 meals package (1 meal a day) from RM 99.00
10 meals package (2 meals a day) from RM 164.00
20 meals package (1 meal a day) from RM 379.00
40 meals package (2 meals a day) from RM 649.00

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Healthy Food Delivery in KL #4: Hale

Healthy Food Delivery in KL

Hale. An acronym for healthy and lean. They offering healthy, affordable and fast meals; the three pillars of Hale. This place specialises in organic, homemade, wholemeal burgers, organic coffee and cold-pressed juices. Their menu offerings include scrumptious pastas, mixed red rice dishes, salads, wraps, pizzas and sides creatively curated by their talented, 5-star chef.

Made from scratch and using zero additives, preservatives and enhancers, this is a place to enjoy fast food, guilt free.

They provide a wide variety of food choices, including vegetarian and vegan options. The menu changes daily, allowing your taste buds a new food journey every day.

Our absolute favourites were the mouth-wateringly tasty Australlian Grass-Fed Beef Burger, the Pesto Pasta and the Green Curry Rice. Our experience on the fragrant Green Curry Rice was quite pleasant. The Chicken Pesto Pasta looked appetizing and tasted delicious. The pasta was cooked to al dente accompanied with a slight tangy pesto sauce and chicken.

Delivery Fee: Free with NO minimum order!

Delivery Time: Monday to Friday, 11:30am to 2:30pm

Price Range: RM 16.90 – 20.90

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Healthy Food Delivery in KL #5: Cooked

Looking for a convenient and healthy lunchbox? Cooked perfects the art of lunchbox-style meals, made by 5-star hotel chefs.

To ensure your meals are delivered on time, Cooked uses special routing algorithms and tracking technology, so you’ll get your grub when you need it most!

Cooked offers vegetarian substitutes for meat items in their lunchbox. Their daily rotating menu with about four to five selections per day is catered towards those craving for authentic Asian and fusion comfort food.

We’re talking mouth-watering Grilled Ayam Percik with Nasi Kunyit, Indian Style Fish Fillet Curry with Biryani Rice, Kung Po Chicken with Garlic Rice and the list goes on. With varied cuisine segments, from Indian, Thai to Korean and Chinese, every dish is researched and put through a rigorous battery of tests until it has a “wow” factor and the meals arrive hot, the results speak for themselves.

Based on the meals tried, the one that stood out most was the Grilled Herb Chicken with Four Mushroom Cream Sauce, it had moist chicken and a pleasant flavour to it. Furthermore, their Chicken Masala was fragrant and came with sides that complimented the meal well.

Delivery Fee: Free for most areas in the Klang Valley, check website for accurate information.

Delivery Time: Monday to Friday, 11:30 am to 2:00 pm

Price Range: RM 18.00 – 24.00

Website | Facebook


Healthy Food Delivery in KL #6: Goodness Greens/La Juiceria Superfoods

Deliciously healthy natural food, prepared fresh. That is the heartbeat of La Juiceria Superfoods. Preparing food that does the body good, without sacrificing on taste, La Juiceria has made its epic entry into the food business and we definitely want it to stay. Creating their own line of delectably healthy dishes and desserts, we were utterly impressed at how good healthy food can taste! Our favourites were the Build-Your-Own Gourmet Salad, the Nasi Lemak Wrap and the Buddha Bowl. But the best dish of all there for me was the Teriyaki Chicken Soba. I could have downed 3 bowls of it, but that would be defeating the purpose of healthy eating now, wouldn’t it? Healthy food so good that you’d have to exercise self-control.

Delivery Fee: RM 10 – 12, free with purchases above RM 60

Price Range: RM 16 – 26

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Healthy Food Delivery in KL #7: Kurin

With customization all the rage, Kurin has jumped on the bandwagon and create an opportunity for you to build your own meal. First off, you get to choose the form you want your meal to come in, be it a Don (Japanese Short Grain or Brown Rice), a Pokeritto (where you get a burrito wrap), or a salad (so more greens on top of the greens). Next you choose your protein, and that can be salmon, tuna, chicken or tofu. Deliciously fresh and succulent, the Classic Salmon remains our favourite. The final touch to you build-a-bowl would be the greens. The bevy of veggies scattered onto your rice or salad or bundled up into your burrito. Because freshness is the main pillar that pivots Kurin’s menu development, do expect frequent changes on the types of greens and proteins they use from time to time, whichever freshest they can get their hands on. Get ready for a sumptuous delight of a meal with this healthy food delivery in KL.

Delivery Fee: RM 5, waived with any order above RM50

Price Range: RM 10 – RM 25

Website | Facebook | Instagram | +6017-4554410


Healthy Food Delivery in KL #8: Dah Makan

Healthy Food Delivery in KL

With two brand new dishes offered every single day, Dah Makan aspires to make healthy eating simple and effortless, especially for us urbanites. Inspired by the team’s experiences in Europe, Australia and Asia, these generous lunchboxes are prepared with the freshest ingredients, zero MSG or preservatives and a huge chunk of love! Lovingly created by Executive 5-star Chef Izzuan himself, you can look forward every meal to creative culinary wizardry, ranging from local dishes like Chef’s Healthy Chicken Rendang and international ones, like the Australian Striploin Beef Burger. Whatever suits your fancy!

Delivery Fee: Free for many locations in KL. Check here to see if your location is included.

Price Range: RM 21 – RM 25

Website | Facebook | Instagram | +6012 526 0774


Healthy Food Delivery in KL #9: Yumscious

Designed as a community platform for home-chefs and meal providers to converge and share their love for food and culinary talents, they dish out sumptuous, halal, home-cooked lunch and dinners. So any interested home chefs can register on Yumcious, to sell his or her meals. Then foodies can register on the platform to get homemade meals sent to them by registered transporters. If you are a fan of home-cooked food, this is the platform for you! Head on over to check out the various talented chefs, Malaysians and non-Malaysians, and see what types of food they specialize in cooking. There is an abundance of choices to choose from like the Vegetarian Wantan Noodle Soup & Pasta with Cajun Grilled, Vegan Caesar Avocado Salad and even some Pho Bò Tái, a Vietnamese Famous Beef.

Delivery Fee: Free

Price Range: RM 6 – RM 17

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Healthy Food Delivery in KL #10: Healthy Ever After

Getting healthy, looking fabulous and losing weight has been made easier and tastier! Healthy Ever After is an online wholesome eating plan delivery service. Using only fresh and natural ingredients to prepare the three main meals of the day, Healthy Ever After has beautifully crafted a handful of delectable dishes that are not just extremely great for your body, but also responds superbly to your camera. One of the most Instagram worthy food deliveries in KL if that’s what you’re after 😉 Our favourites were the Rainbow Roll, Almond Sushi Plate, and the Jewel quinoa salad. The best way to love yourself is to eat right! Forget about those liquid diets and calorie counts, Healthy Ever After believes that when your body receives non-processed, natural fresh, nutrient dense super foods as part of your normal meals, it will naturally cleanse itself of the toxins within, heal and rejuvenate. So get ready to feel cleansed and amazing through Healthy Ever After!

Delivery Fee: RM 5, free with purchases above RM100

Price Range: RM20.00

Website | Facebook | Instagram | +6019 600 8998


Healthy Food Delivery in KL #11: CleanBites

Healthy Food Delivery in KL

Perfect for easing you in to cleaner eating, CleanBites’ food ranks on three levels and each level gets progressively healthier. This is because they are focusing on gradually refining Malaysians’ food palette and changing their perceptions of healthy food. Therefore, with every level, you learn to lean more towards making healthier choices, with Level 1 being something that is closest to what we are used to and Level 3 being the healthiest and tastes the most foreign. The team also practices these beliefs—Clean food, Whole food, Avoiding the 5 whites, Sustainable, Local produce (to reduce cost) and Proper Research With Citations. Presenting a good mix of eastern and western cuisine, give their Baked Juicy Beef Meatballs, Asam Pedas Fish and Sambal Belacan or Seaweed Eggroll Sushi Salad with Passion Mango Sauce a try when you test them out.

Delivery Fee: Free for most parts of Klang Valley, RM3 for Puchong and PJ, and free with purchases above RM 50

Price Range: RM 18 – RM 26

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Healthy Food Delivery in KL #12: The Rebellious Chickpeas

This kitchen only prepares one dish a day and they release their weekly menu the Sunday before, so customers can plan and pre-order their meals. First day of the week is Meatless Monday and there is a ‘Surprise me Wednesday’ lunchbox where customers won’t know what they’re getting until they open their lunchbox. That’s one way to keep us excited with anticipation during the bore of the mid-week. The Rebellious Chickpea’s menus are often filled with fun, varied meal options for different palettes as they experiment with a melting pot of flavours and ingredients. Some of our favourites are the Charcoal Noodles, Brussel Sprouts & Garlic Oil with Clam Herbal Soup and Ginger & Spring Onions Beef Stir-Fry with Brown Rice.

Delivery Fee: Free with purchase of 2 meals onwards

Price Range: RM16

Facebook | Instagram | +6012 6953 803 / +6017 7452 137


Healthy Food Delivery in KL #13: Epic Fit Meals

Healthy Food Delivery in KL

Make way, McDonalds. A healthier alternative of fast food has emerged. Paying tribute to Malaysian health, Epic Fit Meals Co strives to produce ingredients from scratch including their condiments, sauce, and salad dressing. This way, their customers get to enjoy freshly prepared, wholesome and made-to-order meals. And unlike major fast food chains in KL, Epic Fit Meals Co. does not reuse leftover ingredients, operating with the their slogan, ‘made by day, gone by night’. Inspired by the Australian health values, the team showcases the calorie value of all their menu items to ease us into picking up the habit of becoming more conscious of our daily food intake.

Now that the ‘healthy’ department is checked, let’s talk about the speed of delivery. Their epic promise: get fresh, hot meals delivered to your doorstep in 45 minutes or less – otherwise a free pizza is yours! So if you are looking for a fast, healthy food delivery in KL, look no further.

The Fishy Chummy Burger and 3A Flying Pizza are must tries!

Delivery Fee: Free delivery over RM 20.

Price Range: RM 9 – RM 20

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Healthy Food Delivery in KL #14: The Naked Lunchbox

Healthy Food Delivery in KL

Though they offer a variety of vegan, paleo and raw meals, even if you’re not a vegetarian, you should definitely give this healthy food delivery in KL a try. Preparing food that is clean, simple and won’t make you feel bloated, The Naked Lunchbox uses only the best ingredients for their meals which are also sugar-free, low in sodium and without any artificial sweeteners. Their menu is quite limited, but they change it on a monthly basis, not enough time for you to get bored. Some of their awesome offerings are the Chicken/Tofu Hambagu, the Fortune Salad and The Boyfriend.

Delivery Fee: RM 5 – RM 15

Price Range: RM 15 – RM 20

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Healthy Food Delivery in KL #15: Dish by Ili

Healthy Food Delivery in KL

An interesting twist from the usual lunchboxes in this list, if you’re looking for a more family oriented package, DISH by Ili might be your best option. Unlike other lunchboxes, DISH offers a 4-course meal that caters to roughly 2-4 adults per order. It provides wholesome meals in tiffin carriers that are delivered right to your doorstep, but only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The menu is as diverse as the founder’s heritage—Malay-Indian, Chinese-British family background—so expect dishes like Grilled Thai Style Green Salmon, Palak Paneer, Ayam Masak Kicap and so on.

Delivery Fee: Free if located within a 12km radius from Bangsar

Price Range: Starts from RM20

Facebook | Instagram | +6017-300 5066


Healthy Food Delivery in KL #16: Food Matters

Healthy Food Delivery in KL

FoodMatters is on a very simple mission – to banish the negativity surrounding the concept of healthy eating and to make it accessible, affordable and absolutely delicious. They use fresh herbs, spices, and nourishing ingredients to ensure that their dishes are tasty and rich in nutrients. Each of their meals are also labelled with the calorie count and nutritional information so you know what is going into your body. Currently they do not do one-off deliveries, unless it’s a catering order, but they do provide several subscription plans which are based on a minimum of 4 meals a month (the more meals you order per month, the lower the price for each meal). There are 6 options daily (out of a range of 70-100 varieties) so you won’t get tired of their array of nutritious options including healthy versions of tasty local dishes, unique fusion meals, mainstay Western, vegetarian, and low-carb diet sensitive favourites. Try their Spiced Ratatouille to Mexican Bean Salad with Steak, Soba Noodles with Seaweed and Chicken, and Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad with Chicken!

Delivery Fee: Free with subscription

Price Range: RM 162 (for 12 meals a month) – RM 220 (for 20 meals a month)

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Healthy Food Delivery in KL #17: Dietmonsta

Healthy Food Delivery in KL

With the mantra “You don’t have to eat LESS, you just have to eat RIGHT”, Dietmonsta is prime for busy people striving to get fit. This healthy food delivery in KL creates meals from fresh and natural ingredients, low sodium and calories with well-balanced nutrition. Try the Spaghetti Olio with baked pesto sauce salmon, Greek style grilled chicken with couscous and Healthy Monsta Nasi Lemak if you’re craving the sinful indulgence of our nation’s national culinary treasure.

Delivery Fee: RM 10 – 15

Price Range: RM 10 – 20

Website | Facebook | +6012 3059109


Healthy Food Delivery in KL #18: EZ Diet

If you’re looking for a meal plan that eliminates any room for error in your diet, perhaps you can find guidance with EZ Diet. Orchestrating your every meal for at least 5 days, the packages here will ensure you eat healthy every single time you sit down to dine. With meals designed by nutritionists and cooked by professional chefs, it does it’s best to suit the weight loss diet program you so choose to embark on. There are three plans put forth for your pick. The Special Weight Loss program, the Executive Meal plan and the Atkins Diet meal plan. Choose your preferred plan and come out of this healthier and possibly better looking!

Delivery Fee: Free with plan purchase

Price Range: Starting from a 5 day plan (with breakfast, lunch, and dinner) from RM 230

Website | Facebook | | +603-42651985


Healthy Food Delivery in KL #19: Kotak Lunch

A place full of passion to create wholesome and healthy meals for busy working professionals, your excuse for skipping lunch has been utterly and completely nullified. The founder, Wen Xin personally selects quality ingredients each morning to whip up delish, fresh lunches delivered to your doorstep. Try the Jerk Chicken with Steamed Brown Rice and Tomato Cucumber Salsa. A well balanced meal with sides to spare!

Delivery Fee: Free within selected areas with no minimum order

Price Range: RM 20

Website | Facebook | Instagram | +6017-4724284


Healthy Food Delivery in KL #20: Simply Green Salad Gallery

Founded in 2014, Simply Green Salad Gallery brings you delicious food that are both hearty and healthy. Their philosophy is succinctly captured in these four words – “Eat Well, Live Well.” Food from here aims to provide you all-day energy, rather than that short sugar rush. Their menu offerings comprise of fresh and customisable salads, artisan sandwiches and gourmet wraps with options to customise, along with hot soups and juices. Their uniqueness lies in their selection of proteins (termed as primes in customisable salads lingo) – one can have their chicken in their preferred style – yakitori, lemongrass, poached, Cajun, basil pesto amongst others. If you’re not a chicken-lover, there’s beef, duck, seafood and tofu to choose from. Give the Oriental Happiness and the Bountiful Platter a try while you’re there!

Delivery Fee: Free with a minimum order of RM 15

Price Range: RM 15 – 26

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Healthy Food Delivery in KL #21: The Lunch Club

Realising the culinary talents across the Klang Valley, be it coffee aficionados, artisan pastry makers, traditional delicacies specialists to cold-press juice experts, The Lunch Club (TLC) seeks to build a community, connecting foodpreneurs (dubbed as Food Maestros) with urbanite foodies via its online platform to develop the independent food service industry. Their vice: catering. TLC gladly caters to bespoke orders including corporation training sessions, launches, birthday parties and even family dinners. With event stylists on board, TLC can also do table setups for small and large events. Now, that’s self-catering made easy! Our favourites were the yummy Burrito Platter, the Malaysian Delight and the Nusantara.

Delivery Fee: Free with a minimum order of 6 meals

Price Range: RM 16 – 38

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Healthy Food Delivery in KL #22: Chopstick Diner (CLOSED)

Healthy Food Delivery in KL

What started out as a recipe website has evolved into a healthy food delivery service. Their menu is quite limited and mostly filled with greens but trust me, they certainly know how to make vegetable-heavy dishes looks appealing and appetising. With a delectable mix of Asian and Western fare, Chopstick Diner’s meals arrive tied in their signature blue ribbons with a personalised note from Elaine, how lovely is that? The consistent theme running through her easy-to-enjoy salad-based lunch boxes are that they are tasty, brimming with fresh herbivorous ingredients, and the moderate portions will leave you feeling light yet satisfyingly satiated. Her Wholesome Boxes are well-portioned meals that are perfect for a grab-and-go lunch. To keep things fresh, each box is different every day and priced at an affordable RM9.90. If you can, try out their Summer Prawn roll, Thai Larb, and Gado Gado with Lemongrass Chicken!

Delivery Fee: RM 5 within the Klang Valley, free with purchases above RM 50

Price Range: RM 10 – RM 17

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Healthy Food Delivery in KL #23: Dr. Dinner (CLOSED)

Healthy Food Delivery in KL

Dr Diner delivers a ready-to-eat meal, every day to your doorstep. Environmental friendly and packed with fresh produce, lean cut meats, free of processed food, each dish provides all the necessary nutrients the body needs. You’ll have to choose your own types and portions of macronutrients; the protein, grains, mineral fibre and fat. Because Dr. Dinner gives you such control of what goes onto your plate, it’s the perfect healthy food delivery service for those who are certain of what their body goals are and know exactly what macronutrients to prioritise on. For example if you’re aiming for muscle gain, choose higher protein macros and lower grains macro. Pretty interesting perspective of a build-your-bowl concept, I must say. While you’re there, do try the snapper steam fish, Squid stuffing, the Couscous, and throw in some almonds for that healthy fat content.

Price Range: RM 16 – 29

Facebook | Instagram

Healthy Food Delivery in KL #24: The Lean Canteen (CLOSED)

Meals are vacuum-packed to ensure freshness, and they last up to 7 days in the fridge. Because they are vacuum packed, you get your weeks’ worth of food in one go, which is why there is a minimum order of 4 meals. This is great because it encourages us to build the discipline to eat healthy throughout the week, especially with such utter convenience. With a menu that changes weekly and a zany variety of cuisines throughout the week, you won’t be bored with your meal selections.

Must tries: Chicken Marinara with Almond Couscous, Salmon Khan and the Taj Mahal

Delivery Fee: RM5 – RM7

Price Range: RM 16 – RM 20

Facebook | Instagram | +6012-2086440


Now that you’ve seen the best healthy food delivery platforms KL has to offer, why not try one out this week? It’ll only set you back about 10 to 25 ringgit at most and you can see first-hand if the convenience and nourishment of these lunch boxes are worth it.

Let me know if I’ve missed out any epic healthy food delivery company in KL. Would be such a shame if something great is not mentioned. And do tell which of the 20 you would opt for and why. Any feedback whatsoever would really help those who are coming across this for the first time! So let’s be generous my fellow KL-ers!

Before I sign off, just a reminder that EXERCISE is equally as important as your diet! So here are 15 Fun Indoor Activities to Get Fit in KL Instead of Hitting the Gym.

Right, I’ll see you in my next article then!



Manuel · September 19, 2018 at 6:42 am

Great options, tks! Find #1 excellent too, as well as any other one where I see photos of real food in low calories format!! One good advice to avoid extra calories is never, but NEVER, eat in between meals! Cheers and congrats for the post 😋

Yun · October 14, 2018 at 3:54 pm

Another new kid on the block , ours eatery at dc mall .. great alternative with local favourites dish with the healthy twist . They do delivery to Kl and pj area too .

Yun · October 14, 2018 at 4:00 pm

Another great option in dc mall , Ours eatery
Exciting dishes with the healthy twist n can find your local favourites dishes here .
They do delivery to Kl and pj area too

Terence Lim · July 2, 2019 at 4:22 pm

Anyone try before? How’s their food quality and delivery speed?

Fitness health forever · June 8, 2020 at 9:21 pm

Wow! This is really a great blog. Thanks for this one.
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Healthy Eats in KL: Medifoods, TTDI - Where healthy eating begins and ends. - Get Fit KL! · March 31, 2018 at 9:38 am

[…] We hope you benefit greatly from this article of Medifoods, TTDI. Here are some Surprisingly Affordable Healthy Food Deliveries in KL. […]

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