When you get those after lunch munchies, you know you’ve got to eat. But why entertain your cravings with junk? Use this opportunity to satisfy your body with nutrients in the form of healthy snacks! This is the epitome of killing two birds with one stone. Snack productively by curbing your hunger with nutritious bites that totally erase the guilt of snacking.

We explored the city and it revealed so many healthy snack pack deliveries in KL PERFECT for the busy working Kl-er looking for a way to get fit and keep fit. These snacking alternatives lack the rubbish contents of our typical go-to snacks, but lack not the level of tastiness we Malaysians are used to. So get ready! You’re in for a treat to discover a whole new world of snacking.

Healthy Snack Pack Deliveries in KL #1: The Kefir King

healthy snack deliveries kl

If you haven’t heard of KEFIR before, allow me to educate you. 😀

It is sorta like yogurt. That’s the best way I can describe it if you don’t know what it is. But kefir has a much superior advantage.

If you like yogurt as a snack, and you’re taking it for health, please please please switch to kefir, because the nutrient and probiotic content in kefir is exponentially higher.

Compared to yoghurt and other dairy fermented products, kefir is a much more potent source, containing up to 61 strains of beneficial yeast and bacteria.

Before you start freaking out on all the talk of bacteria, you should know this:

In the past, we used to be extremely fearful of bacteria. However, through modern science and research, scientists are rediscovering the importance of these ‘good’ bacteria.

The human body itself consists of trillions of microorganisms. These microorganisms outnumber human cells by 10 to 1 and they play a vital role in human health. This brings me to my next points.

Not only does kefir heal gut problems with its content of good bacteria, it also contributes to the health of many parts of our body, including the heart, the brain, bone health, mood, skin, hair and most prominently, our immune system which is very closely linked to our gut health.

Did you know, that the strength of your immune system depends predominantly on your gut health?

Crazy right? Yeap. I was equally surprised, but if you’d like to know more, you can read further about kefir benefits here.

So, snack ideas for you guys. A bowl of milk kefir with fruits to curb those cravings.

Kefir does this extremely well, while at the same time infusing your body with a plethora of nutritious benefits. So have the best of both worlds 😀

Plus, they deliver! So you can stock up to keep those cravings at bay.

Alright, thoughts on kefir from The Kefir King before I move on. The kefir from The Kefir King is made with fresh cow’s milk and kefir grains, also having zero additives and preservatives.

I really appreciate them trying to keep things as natural as possible.

Also, I must say. Quite astounded with the results of the milk kefir. Could see difference in bowel movement, and also feminine discharge. It’s because of the beneficial bacteria regulating and transforming our internal environment.

Best Sellers:

  1. Original Milk Kefir
  2. Orange Milk Kefir
  3. Blueberry Water Kefir

Price Range: RM 8 – 13

Delivery Fees: RM 5 (varies according to area). Minimum order of RM30.

Promotion: Get a Water Kefir (RM8) FREE with your first purchase. 

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Healthy Snack Pack Deliveries in KL #2: BlackNbeige Cravings

Healthy Snack Pack Deliveries in KL

Specializing predominantly in Chia Oats, this unsuspecting company boasts over a 100 combinations of flavours. You can pick and choose, and combine flavours from Coffee Jelly to Kiwi Blueberry to Maccha Gojiberry. With 20 fruits available & 7 chia flavours to pair them with, regulars get very creative selecting their favourite combos. It really comes down to which flavours you fancy and which fruits are in season. Also for sale here are yogurt parfaits with their generous chunks of fresh fruits giving us that boost of nutrients that’ll fight the immune battle for us. And if you get thirsty, there’s BlackNbeige Cravings’ ChloroPlus. One of their best sellers, this refreshing health drink is chock full of nutrients high in the antioxidants from chlorophyll and Omega-3 from chia seeds. Our favourite snack here though would be the Avocado Chocolate Chia Oats when they are in season. Rich with flavour as well as nutrients, this is a cheat day treat without the actual cheating.

Best Sellers:

  1. Chia Oats: Berries, Avocado Chocolate, Mango and Passion fruit.
  2. Yogurt Parfait: Avacado Mango
  3. Gluten free Avocado Banana Walnut Chocolate Brownies
  4. ChloroPlus

Price Range: RM 10 – RM 15

Delivery Fees: RM 0 – RM 15. Minimum order of 6 jars. Delivery charges reduce if order size increases.

Facebook | Instagram | +6012-293 5986


Healthy Snack Pack Deliveries in KL #3: Signature Snack

Healthy Snack Pack Deliveries in KL

For snacks that are freshly baked & packed with zero preservative and 100% natural ingredients, Signature Snack is the place to go! With quite the plethora of selections on their menu, you’ll find more than 50 types of snacks to choose from ranging from nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and granola to healthy cookies! Some of their uber-unique choices are their Mushroom Shaped Marshmallow Chocolates with look just like actual mushrooms, and their Matcha Walnut Crumble, a snack bordering dangerously on addictive. Striving to make healthy living easy and affordable for city folk like us, Signature Snack keeps things fun and delicious for those craving a healthy nibble any time of the day.

Best Sellers:

  1. Energy Booster Trail Mix: Need an energy boost during the day? This trail mix is it. A fabulous blend of dried fruits and nuts to keep you going.
  2. Black Sesame Energy Squares: Packed with nutrition and taste, these bars are perfect anytime you crave a snack. Ideal for hikers and sports enthusiasts. These chunks of energy are never heated and are made of only the finest ingredients.
  3. Coconut Goji Berry Trail Mix: This trail mix is for Goji Berry lovers. The sweet goji berries and coconut coupled with the sourness of the cranberry, mixed with crunchy nuts & seeds makes this a yummy treat indeed.

Price Range: RM 5 – RM 46

Delivery Fees: RM10. Free for purchases above RM100.

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Healthy Snack Pack Deliveries in KL #4: Amazin’ Graze

Healthy Snack Pack Deliveries in KL

With a mission to change the way Malaysians snack, Amazin’ Graze endeavours to encourage real foods only, none of the fake stuff or empty calories. Healthy snacks are handmade here fresh every week in small-batches using best-for-you ingredients. With the comforting mantra of eating right, not less, only raw ingredients that have high nutritional value are used in their products. This obsession with the creation of healthy alternatives has led them to some fascinating combinations of nuts, nut butters, superfoods and granolas. Get a load of their Pulut Hitam Cookies, Rendang Spice Nut Mix and Coconut Curry Lime Nut Mix. Such originality in snacks that you can call truly Amazin’!

Best Sellers:

  1. Pink Raspberry Granola: Vibrant raspberries lend this granola a natural light pink hue and the sweet-tart flavour of a fresh berry. Also tossed in are wild blueberries, tangy cranberries, chia seeds, and crunchy almonds & pepitas. Delightful, refreshing, and berry delicious!
  2. Hazelnut Blackforest Granola: Dark chocolate granola created from traditional rolled oats, energising buckwheat and antioxidant-rich chia seeds. Mixed with juicy cherries and sweet cranberries as well as creamy cashews and crunchy hazelnuts. Never feel guilty for indulging in chocolate again!
  3. Chocolate Coconut Hazelnut Butter: A divine blend of earthy hazelnut butter and all the chocolatey goodness of dark cocoa powder, with chewy toasted coconut bits mixed in. The best part? Still healthy, with no added salt, refined sugar, or oil! Need we say more? Amazing as a spread, a dip for fresh fruit, or as a decadent topping for ice cream.
  4. Tom Yum Kaffir Lime Nut Mix: Creamy cashews & crunchy peanuts coated with a classic Tom Yum mix and flecked with aromatic kaffir lime leaves. Bursting with the fragrant spicy sourness of a steaming bowl of Tom Yum soup, these nuts will give you the zing of energy you need for a great day ahead!

Click here to start shopping!

Price Range: RM 9 – RM 36

Delivery Fees: Based on weight of products ordered. Free for purchases above RM50

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Healthy Snack Pack Deliveries in KL #5: The Kettlebowl

Healthy Snack Pack Deliveries in KL

It was Nick and Nell, a pair of avid Crossfitters seeking to promote a healthy yet sustainable way of life that founded The Kettlebowl. A platform that accommodates any level of conversation surrounding healthy living and nutritious eating, the duo has been treating this as a vessel dedicated to inspire and be inspired. Focusing on the synergy between fitness and food, their granola promises a blend of wholesome ingredients to give you a tasty crunch of unique flavors. A strong combination of organic steel-cut oats from Germany and imported nuts sourced from the best regions around the world, topped off with a variety of nutritious seeds and dried fruits, The Kettlebowl Granola seeks to fuel your day without compromising on taste – reinventing the journey to health and fitness. Made weekly in small batches and hand packed with love and joy, our favourite treat from them would be the Naughty or Nice, an amalgamation of cranberries and hazelnuts and dark chocolate that tastes like Christmas in your mouth!

Best Sellers:

  1. Chocolat: Discover the earthy notes of cinnamon and nutmeg in this dark chocolate and almond granola.
  2. Pina Ko-Lapa: An oat, walnut, coconut and pineapple jam mixture, hand-rolled into small bites and garnished with desiccated coconut. Keep yourself fuelled throughout the day while substituting your sweet tooth cravings with these healthy bites which are just as ‘Malaysian’ as we are.
  3. Sweet Chilli O’Mine Cashew Mix: Cashew nuts & pumpkin seeds tossed in The Kettlebowl’s secret sweet chilli sauce, baked to perfection to give you a sweet and savoury experience!

Price Range: RM 14 – 28

Delivery Fees: Free for purchases above RM100

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Healthy Snack Pack Deliveries in KL #6: Boxgreen

Healthy Snack Pack Deliveries in KL

With all their snacky ingredients natural, free from artificial flavouring and colouring and constantly reviewed by their in-house nutritionist, this Singaporean company proves snacking could and should be absolutely guilt-free. For those who are religiously counting their calories, you’ll be pleased to know that Boxgreen products are tagged with easy to read health badges to suit your lifestyle. Boxgreen is all about nutritious snacking, so they created a package of healthy goodies to keep at hand as a weapon to beat those 3pm junk food cravings. A perfect portion of something that tastes good without the guilt. With over 50 mouth-watering options to choose from, they really do offer something that everyone can get excited about. Also worth mentioning is that for every box sold, a portion of the proceeds will go to help provide meals for the less privileged. We loved the Cheng Tng. With a name that literally means clear soup, it’s Boxgreen’s spin on this Chinese dessert. A mix of dried longan, goji berry and crispy lotus seeds, this snack is ready to eat out of the bag, no need for the hassle of boiling or ice.

Best Sellers:

  1. Peri Peri Lime Soya Crisps: Our soya crisps just got even zestier! Made with GM free Australian grown soya beans, these soya crisps are sprinkled with a mixture of fragrant herbs and peri peri spices like paprika and chilli, all put together with a dash of lime juice powder for added zing.
  2. Cranberry Afternoon Biscotti: Whether you’re organising an Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party or just feeling peckish at your desk, these one-bite cranberry and almond biscotti are the perfect snack. No more crumbs to spoil the party!
  3. El Mexicano: Garlic and onion baked tortilla chips and paprika dusted baked cashews come together to form a muy delicioso savoury snack!

Price Range: Subscription boxes cost RM 59.90 inclusive of free delivery.

Delivery Fees: Free with subscription.

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Healthy Snack Pack Deliveries in KL #7: Sweet French Life

Healthy Snack Pack Deliveries in KL

Thoroughly committed to personalized service, the quality of their ingredients as well as the taste of their products, the Sweet French Life is where you’ll find high quality natural ingredients that benefits the body, giving you the energy to take on your day to day challenges. Their aim is to open the minds of Malaysians to healthier and better eating habits. Healthy does equate to tasty. And healthy can be affordable. One of their highlights is the Almond Granola with Blueberry and Pistachio, a great go-to breakfast or office snack. Healthy granola roasted in organic extra virgin coconut oil, natural honey and pure maple syrup with no added sugar or artificial flavouring makes this a super yummy guilt-free pleasure we love to indulge in.

Best Sellers:

  1. Goji – Nuts & Seeds mix: No salt, sugar or oil added, keeping the product as natural as it can be. Slow roasted in low temperature to preserve the nutrients within.
  2. Cashew – Sweet & Spicy: Roasted in honey and chilli flakes, it is the perfect option for a healthy movie snack.

Price Range: RM 5 – RM 35

Delivery Fees: Based on purchase value. RM 20 with purchases below RM100. RM 10 with purchases below RM250. Free for purchases above RM250.

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Healthy Snack Pack Deliveries in KL #8: Rawsome

Healthy Snack Pack Deliveries in KL

Extremely tiny, yet extremely potent, chia seeds are packed full of fibre, protein, nutrient oils, calcium and various antioxidants to fend off nefarious cell-damaging free radicals. Rawsome has taken this seed one notch higher and made pudding out of it. This one stop brand that provides healthy meals, desserts and juices has an extensive range of delicious Chia Puddings. Flavours that span from milk and soy to jelly yogurt, these low in glycemix index yummy snacks are great for meal replacements, breakfast or an alternative dessert option. Made with the best chia seed brand in the market, fresh fruits with no preservatives and accompanied by organic coconut sugar, it is an extremely suitable product for the health conscious.

Besides that, Rawsome also offers Buddha Bowls that are 90% raw and meat free. Perfect for those on a vegetarian diet. Also, for those looking for the impossible: healthy cakes, guess what! Rawsome has those too! Chia seed cakes! Say hello to the start of guilt-free birthdays and special occasions!

Price Range:

  • Chia Puddings: RM 12
  • Buddha Bowls: RM 18
  • Chia Seed Cakes: RM 110

Delivery Fees: RM5. Free for purchases above RM50.

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Healthy Snack Pack Deliveries in KL #9: Vive snack by Vie Verte

Healthy Snack Pack Deliveries in KL

Vive snack by Vie Verte ventures to uncover the hidden gems within Malaysia’s local fruit products. Transforming these nutritious fruits into healthy, convenient and tasty snacks, you can leave your concerns of how they will affect your weight and health behind! Besides that, Vie Verte also specializes on chocolate: the guilty pleasure women all over the world. Vie Verte has managed to create selections that are guilt free! If taken in moderation of course. Our favourite product of theirs is the 75% Dark Chocolate (Cacao Nibs). Ladies, you’re welcome. You can now enjoy chocolate with less of the guilt looming over your head.

Best Sellers:

  1. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter
  2. Pure Cocoa Powder
  3. 75% Dark Chocolate (Cacao Nibs)

Price Range: RM 14 – RM 65

Delivery Fees: RM 8. Free for purchases above RM 50.

Facebook | Instagram | +6012-379 7927


Healthy Snack Pack Deliveries in KL #10: Shia’s Homemade Granola

Healthy Snack Pack Deliveries in KL

Selling 100% natural granolas and granola bars, using only the finest ingredients without any fillers, artificial flavouring or preservatives, this hidden gem in Penang has been creating these handmade products with love since 2013! Shia’s Homemade Granola uses only vegetable oils with no shortening or animal fats, just high quality and natural wholesome goodness such as nuts, seeds and oats. With a low glycaemic index in their granola to provide you energy that lasts longer throughout the day, this is definitely a great option to keep in your car or office when you find yourself craving those unhealthy alternatives. Their Almond Berry Granola was a delight to our taste buds. Delicious and nutritious, this is the way to go when it comes to snacking.

Best Sellers:

  1. Cashew Raisin Granola
  2. Granola Squares with Rice Puffs & Dates
  3. Cashew Raisin Granola

Price Range: RM 15 – 18

Delivery Fees: RM 8. Free for locations within Georgetown, Penang. Also free for purchases above RM50.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | +6012-455 6769

And there you have it! The top 10 healthy snack pack deliveries in KL has been revealed! Now it’s your turn to explore for yourself! The next time you get the munchies, you know that there are healthy alternatives to this inevitable habit. If you can’t beat em, join them! Here’s to snacking, the healthy way!

Do let me know in the comments if I missed out any epic healthy snack pack deliveries in KL. Would be a shame if it were not on the list. Also, shout out in the comments below which is your favourite healthy snack pack delivery in KL! Sharing info is an amazing habit to form, especially if it costs you nothing. Plus it would really really help those new to getting fit in KL! So it’s your time to shine and show the innate generosity we KL-ers have!

Also, if you’re looking for healthy meal alternatives instead of the usual mamak or kopitiam offerings, here are 20 Surprisingly Affordable Healthy Food Delivery in KL. And if you’re looking for fun work out alternatives to burn off that excess energy you’ve been consuming, here are Top 15 Fun Indoor Activities to Get Fit in KL Instead of Hitting the Gym.

See you in my next post then!


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