It’s about time this city grew a wider range of healthy eateries for us to choose from! So you can imagine my excitement when I found this amazing place called OURS Eatery. Wholesome food, freshly prepared by its open kitchen, and additive free, I was impressed with their menu selections and dish flavours.

They’ve really done an amazing job in making healthy taste wonderful. Actually, most of their dishes are pretty refreshing. Which is perfect for lunch, when you want to grab a bite that’ll fill you up but at the same time not make you feel bloated and sleepy in the next few hours.

The brainchild of Jackie Leong, inspired from her concern for her mother’s failing health, OURS Eatery aims create an honest, simple and naturally healthy on-the-go alternative for busy patrons who seek a warm and homely place to satisfy their hunger. We all have got to eat, what makes a real difference for our fitness and health is what we put into our bodies for sustenance. For that, OURS Eatery has got you covered.

Located at the brand new DC Mall, Damansara City, OURS Eatery aspires to unite food lovers from all walks of life who desire wholesome, fresh and mouth-watering meals.

So when you do make it to OURS, you’ll get to customize your meal every step of the way. I think that’s awesome because some days, I might want to indulge slightly with more carbohydrates but other days, prefer to stick to a stricter diet. So that ounce of flexibility is greatly appreciated.

OURS Eatery

Wholesome meal as a wrap

The first choice you’ll need to make is if you want to eat your meal in a wrap or in a bowl. The bowl will be slightly more expensive because of the bigger portions.

Next, you get to choose what sort of protein you’d want. There are an assortment of items to choose from, ranging from Sweet Barbeque Chicken to Brazillian Salmon Stew. A pretty interesting selection I must say, not your usual Malaysian flavours. I really enjoyed the Falafel and the Salmon with Paprika. Simple, but made with just the right amount of flavour.

After this, you choose your salad toppings to go with your protein. They have quite a fresh plethora to select from. I really enjoyed the Just Be-Cous (Cous Cous with fresh greens and Chimichurri) and the Rainbow Meadow (Quinoa).

Next come the sauces, all of which are homemade at OURS Eatery. This was a surprisingly delicious choice for me! Fell in love with their Plancha, a South American inspired smoky capsicum sauce, and the Creamy Butter, for days where slight cheating will do no harm. 😉 I didn’t try the Malaysian Sambal in my Wrap and Salad, but I bet that that’ll taste brilliant. It certainly smelled so!

And there you have it! Your very own healthy bowl! Or wrap!

OURS Eatery

As you can see, the portions are pretty generous and colourful, which is a good sign you’re getting the daily dose of essential nutrients your body needs. The most awesome thing is, it tastes super fresh and super tasty! I found myself munching on crunchy purple cabbage thinking “Hmm, this is really edible!” I mean, I’m not a huge fan of the taste of veggies, but at OURS, I found myself willing to take bite after yummy bite.

OURS Eatery

OURS Eatery desserts

If you’re up for something sweeter after your gloriously healthy meal, you can give their desserts a try! I got to taste their chocolate balls, which had cocoa and dates within, and their Guilt-Free Brownies, which were pretty yummy. But what took the cake (pun intended), was Your Highness Banana Cake, a sugar free delectable dessert, soft and moist, rich with banana and coconut flavours.

Another noteworthy thing about OURS Eatery is that there is no frying at all, even in the kitchens, all for the sake of preserving the nutrients in the food. So for those who appreciate eateries that provide natural, non-processed, additive free, preservative free, and stabilizer-free food, you’ll find a haven for it here at OURS Eatery.

OURS Eatery

I myself loved the experience at OURS Eatery, simply because of the portion, the price and the tastiness of the food.

For me, a healthy diet is not limiting your food intake but taking in foods that are good for body, and eating more of that compared to the junk that the commercial world wants to feed us, so I find OURS Eatery a really good fit into my diet.

Plus, they have a drive through.

OURS Eatery

OURS Eatery Take Aways

So you can pre-order, pick up and go! And for those like myself, who are too lazy to drive, OURS Eatery delivers around the Damansara Heights area, and will expand shortly.

So if you want to make an order, drop them a call at 03-2856 0809, have that refreshingly healthy meal and tell me all about it in the comments section! Also, if you know of any other great healthy places to grab a bite around KL, do share it with all the healthy food fans in KL in the comment section below!

OURS Eatery

Address: Lot G-12, Ground Floor, City Mall, Damansara, Damansara Town Centre, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 03-2856 0809

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