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Medifoods, TTDI

Medifoods Lifestyle Cafe, TTDI

Medifoods, TTDI is a quaint, cosy store in TTDI. This place may look unassuming, but upon meeting and chatting with the founders, we were pleasantly surprised by what it has to offer.

Medifoods, TTDI

Inside of Medifoods, TTDI

Medifoods, TTDI

Founded just last year, this TTDI branch rests on the shoulders of a young enthusiastic couple Steven Wan and Koh Wai Swan, who used to be part of the original Medifoods branch in Subang.

Medifoods, TTDI

Founders, Steven Wan (left) and Koh Wai Swan (right)

“We wanted to bring Medifoods here to TTDI,” Swan says, confident in the quality of her brand. And why did it inspire such confidence? We were about to find out.


What makes Medifoods, TTDI Special?

Contrary to our expectations, Medifoods is not just a place that sells food. There are three parts to the Medifoods business: the restaurant, the grocery store, and the consultation.

Medifoods, TTDI

Medifoods, TTDI’s grocery options

What consultation, you may ask?

Although Medifoods, TTDI is primarily a restaurant, it is also a place where customers can seek advice on health and nutrition. Every branch has its own qualified professional and Swan, in addition to being the founder, also happens to be the resident nutritionist with a degree from the University of Nottingham.

“People don’t just come here for the food,” she says, “they also come for consultation and nutritional advice.”

Unlike your normal restaurant, Medifoods, TTDI receives a unique clientele that consist of a large number of people with health problems, and these patrons come to Medifoods seeking help and support, which they receive in plenty.

Within the restaurant is a mini grocery section where people can browse the shelves looking for healthy snack options, ingredients or superfoods such as psyllium husk and oat embryonic powder.

There is also a fresh produce section that sells greens from their own Medifoods farm in Cameron Highlands.

Medifoods, TTDI

These are grown using natural fertilisers and zero pesticides. In addition, poultry and fish are also available and these re sourced from responsibly-mananged farms from Karak and Bentong.

For people living in KL, the struggle to find good quality, home-grown produce is real.

Vegetables sold in the pasar malam are often full of pesticides.

Horror stories of meat coming from mass-produce factories…

Suffice to say, Medifoods is a blessing to those who take “responsibly-sourced” seriously.


Five Must Tries at Medifoods, TTDI

Given how careful Medifoods is about food growing, it is only natural that the same care goes into their food preparation.

Medifoods takes into consideration the varied palates of its customers. There will definitely be something for everyone, whether you be vegetarian or vegan or even gluten-free, Medifoods has you covered.

Their menu is even carefully crafted with recipes that cater to people with various health conditions like diabetes and high-blood pressure. Even if you’re free from any dietary limitations or diseases, Medifoods is still an attractive option, as you will be guaranteed a delicious, guilt-free meal.

For the regular Joe used to fast food options or oily, salty street food, don’t be fooled into thinking that healthy food equates to bland food.

Even though Medifoods places health at its front and centre, taste is something that they will not compromise. This we can say with certainty because we personally paid a visit to Medifoods, TTDI just to see if their food lives up to our standards 😛

Four things we tried that day and maaaaan, they were awesome.

Must Try at Medifoods, TTDI #1: Rainbow Salad (RM 18)

First up was the Rainbow Salad made from fresh veggies straight from the Medifoods farm.

Medifoods, TTDI

Rainbow Salad

With a sprinkling of sweet basil sauce and papaya dressing, and the crisp of fresh lettuce leaves, this hearty salad serves a great appetizer and it definitely left us eager to try more of Medifoods.

Must Try at Medifoods, TTDI #2: Medifoods Nasi Lemak (RM16)

Next up was the Medifoods Nasi Lemak.

Medifoods, TTDI

Medifoods Nasi Lemak

We Malaysians love our nasi lemak, and this one will make you love it more!

This dish offers 3 types of sambal, a combination of which produces a perfect blend of sweet-sour and spicy – a true delight to the Malaysian tongue. Add to that the fresh slices of cucumber and a several other small treats.

For some people, what makes or breaks the Nasi Lemak is the rice, and this one does not disappoint. Unlike traditional nasi lemak, Medifoods Nasi Lemak is cooked without santan.

Instead, they use a substitute called oat embryo powder, which is high in protein, fibre and calcium and low in calorie content.

Medifoods, TTDI

Oat embryo powder

The rice may taste slightly different and is more compact, but it is just as fragrant and flavorful. For those who stay away from nasi lemak because of the high fat and calorie count, this is one worry-free way you can enjoy the classic local dish.

Must Try at Medifoods, TTDI #3: Basil Pesto Chicken (RM23)

The Basil Pesto Chicken was up next, and this one was a mixed bag.

Medifoods, TTDI

Basil Pesto Chicken

Pan-fried chicken with olive oil and drizzled with a special basil sauce.

The flavour of this dish is truly amazing, but the attempt to create a crunchy outer layer didn’t go as well and ended up being slightly tough and chewy. However, the basil sauce complemented the chicken very nicely and each mouthful was bursting with delicious flavours.

Must Try at Medifoods, TTDI #4: Signature Tau Fu Fa (RM3.50)

For dessert, we tried the Medifoods Signature Tau Fu Fa, a classic local dessert, but with a twist.

Medifoods, TTDI

Signature Tau Fu Fa

Instead of the familiar ginger sauce, we were given a sweet caramel-ey liquid to dribble over the bean curd. This is a welcome change for those who dislike the usual ginger sauce.

This sweet sauce really makes a difference in this dessert. Plus, the texture of the bean curd is so unbelievably silky, and the whole concoction just melts caramel goodness over the tongue.

This dessert definitely receives two thumbs up from Get Fit KL!

Must Try at Medifoods, TTDI #5: Bless Cold Press Juice (RM 12)

We also tried the Bless cold press juice.

Medifoods, TTDI

Bless Cold Press Juice

Don’t be fooled by the unappetizing green colour of the juice. What’s inside is a delicious blend of apples and vegetables that tastes like they were picked and blitzed and poured into a bottle just minutes before you walked your way into the store.

That’s how fresh it tastes.

And despite the green-ness of the liquid, this juice lacks the tinge of bitterness that usually accompanies blended vegetables.

Forget coffee in the mornings, this is what will give you that refreshing kick, perfect to start your day with.

Medifoods, TTDI

More cold press juice options


Why Medifoods, TTDI is perfect for health and fitness enthusiasts?

While many people are happy to enjoy a tasty meal without knowing what goes into the dish, Medifoods still practices responsibility in ensuring all the ingredients they use are safe to consume and give great benefit to the body.

Chemicals are avoided and foods with high fat and cholesterol content, which might prove dangerous for those with high cholesterol, are replaced with healthier options.

Salt and oil usage is heavily regulated and there is not a trace of MSG. Such is their dedication to natural goodness that they prepare most of their ingredients from scratch, for example, their fruit jams are made without a chemical binding agent; they use psyllium husk instead.

They also only use healthy oils in all their cooking; olive oil for salads and sauces, and rice bran oil, which is safe for frying.

Even their rice is different.

Medifoods uses a special combination of basmati rice, lentils and millet.

The result is a bowl of rice that contains much less carbs than the average bowl of white rice. This rice formula was made so that even diabetic people can eat rice without a large spike in blood sugar levels.


Medifoods, TTDI’s Upcoming Promotions

If you have been impressed by how Medifoods is run so far, then you will definitely be interested in the upcoming promotions that they have to offer!

Medifoods has recently come up with a breakfast set menu that will be available on weekdays (7.30 am to 10.30 am), and weekends (7.30 am to 11.30 am).

Not only that, Medifoods will be continuing its breakfast buffet spread on weekends for only RM18 per person!

Other than that, Medifoods TTDI will start doing delivery within Klang Valley, so you can enjoy the goodness of healthy food without having to brave traffic jams and limited parking spots. (We understand your pain!)

Just go to to fill in the delivery form and the food will make its way to your doorstep.


Medifoods is truly a gem in the busy hub of KL. Not only is it a place with great food, it is also a place with an atmosphere of support and encouragement for health-junkies and people with health issues.

According to Swan, Medifoods plays host to a group of Qi Gong practitioners every Wednesday morning, many of whom are cancer survivors trying to stay healthy, or needing consultation, or simply wanting to enjoy a good meal. Ever mindful of the needs of their patrons, Medifoods takes the extra step in providing the better food option for these people.

So now can we answer what makes Medifoods special?

Most definitely. “In short, Medifoods is a food solution provider committed to making tasty and healthy food and empowering community towards a healthier lifestyle,” says Swan, reciting the motto of Medifoods.

And therein lies the beauty of their policy. Simply by their motto, you can be sure that Medifoods has your health at its heart.

We hope you benefit greatly from this article of Medifoods, TTDI. Here are some Surprisingly Affordable Healthy Food Deliveries in KL.

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