Right now, the Malaysian perception of vegetarian food is quite dismal.

We think that vegetarian food lacks flavour. It’s only for the vegetarians. It’s unappetizing, uninviting, glum.

But that’s because you’ve not yet been to LeFood!

We swung by yesterday to give this place a try and boy, let me just tell you how absolutely enticing healthy food can be, when prepared correctly.

How LeFood @ SS18 Began


LeFood @ SS18

LeFood @ SS18

With the noble goal of changing Malaysian perception about healthy vegetarian food so that people think of it as a type of cuisine rather than a diet, LeFood came to be.

They strive to make delicious healthy food so that people can have it twice a week, much like how’d we sometimes go for Japanese food, or Western.

I thought this was a great notion of trying to inculcate this habit of thought, where twice a week, we’d suggest ‘oh, let’s go for healthy vegetarian food’, without its negative stigma, for the sake of both our health as well as our taste buds.

Because let’s face it, healthy vegetarian food now is undergoing a major make over and we at Get Fit KL couldn’t be more excited.

What makes LeFood @ SS18 Special?


LeFood @ SS18

LeFood’s amazing dishes

I’m a sucker for natural lighting, so being inside Le Food was a clear win already!

LeFood @ SS18

Interior of LeFood

Its massive front window lets in so much sunlight, it’s perfect for reading, working, relaxing and simply whiling the day away 🙂

LeFood @ SS18

View from LeFood

This was my work desk while I was there. Perfect height for typing, FYI.

LeFood @ SS18

Interior of LeFood

Stone tables and white chairs bring about a very clean and minimalistic look. Kudus for whoever designed the ambiance.

LeFood @ SS18

LeFood @ SS18

LeFood @ SS18

Interior of LeFood

Bowls of colourful ensembles were brought out, stimulating the senses. Balsamic scents of olive oil, curtesy of LeFood wafted in and out of the room.

The food here is DESIGNED to be very flavourful food, to cater to the average Joe’s taste buds so that healthy food is not intimidating to the Malaysian palate.

LeFood @ SS18

While being absolutely tasty, LeFood manages to cook up delightful dishes with zero MSG and no artificial flavouring. And they use the ‘friendlier’ olive and coconut oils to prepare their meals.

LeFood @ SS18

Coconut and olive oils used by LeFood

Plus, they stay away from table salt, which is not only unhealthy, but most of the time, toxic, and use only sea salt. Also, the sweetness you taste will be coming from the more natural, brown sugar instead of white.

Five Must Tries at LeFood @ SS18

The menu here is impressively substantial!

Which is rare, given that most healthy restaurants find it tough curating a wide food variety due to how difficult it is to maintain the freshness of their ingredients.

Let’s start off with the drinks!

Must Try at LeFood @ SS18 #1: Their Cold Pressed Juices

LeFood @ SS18

LeFood’s Cold Press Juices

LeFood offers a wide range of refreshing cold press juices, freshly prepped every single day, with zero addition of both sugar or water. You’ll basically be downing pure vegetable and fruit. So you can imagine my disbelief when I tasted how good they were!

I gave four of these flavours a try.

What I was very apprehensive to try though, was the Awesome Veggie (RM10.90). I made the mistake of reading the contents before taking a sip. And when I saw that the concoction was a blend of Japanese cucumber, organic spinach and celery, I decided to leave this for last, fearing the aftertaste, but man oh man, this was awesome sauce! And quickly became one of my favourites.

The Lemon Deflamation (RM9.90) was a blend of lemon and pineapple. I usually drink lemon water daily, so I was expecting the automatic cringe from the sourness, but to my surprise, it was so smooth, refreshing, and sweet even. The pineapple did a great job at balancing the usually acrid taste from the lemon. This was definitely my favourite from the lot.

The Water Berry (RM10.90) is pretty straightforward. Watermelon, beetroot and strawberry. And very little can go wrong when watermelon juice joins the party. Refreshing and tasty. It honestly just tasted like watermelon juice, nothing more, nothing less.

Finally, The Eye ‘OC’ (RM10.90). A mixture of orange and carrot. I personally love drinking just carrot juice on its own, but if you don’t, this masking of orange flavour will make the carrot one a pleasing experience for you.

Must Try at LeFood @ SS18 #2: Le Avocado Portobello Sourdough Toast (RM 15.90)

LeFood @ SS18

Le Avocado Portobello Sourdough Toast (RM 15.90)

This was pan fried portobello mushrooms and cherry tomatoes on sourdough bread accompanied with fresh avocado mash and a garden salad.

First off, I must say that the salad itself was already delicious. Interesting dressing which was mild but satisfying, with the lettuce giving off an unmistakable crunch at every bite (that’s how fresh it was), and cherry tomatoes, onions and carrots joining the garden party.

LeFood @ SS18

But the highlight of the dish was the Portobello. My oh my, I haven’t tasted mushrooms cooked like this. The rich flavour of the mushrooms, grilled in olive oil to perfection, could replace my meat any day. The texture of it is quite sinewy, offering little give to the bite, imitating that of chicken, which was very surprising, and satisfying.

The sour dough bread had the correct amount of taste and texture and when spread with the homemade avocado mash and the sprinkle of pumpkin seeds, taken in one bite, was ambrosia. I enjoyed the experience so much that I caught people staring at my astonished face! But no matter, I loved it and would rank this dish number one in terms of flavour.

If you’re trying this dish out, you should note that the portion here is not massive but would be perfect for breakfast or brunch. Wasn’t a fan of the cherry tomatoes on the bread though, and more avocado mash would have been perfect 😛

Must Try at LeFood @ SS18 #3: Veggie Quinoa Greek Omelette (RM 17.30)

LeFood @ SS18

Veggie Quinoa Greek Omelette (RM 17.30)

This was Parmesan grated cheese and natural fat free yoghurt on three eggs, with organic quinoa (stir fried with olive oil) as stuffing with avocado spread and greens on the side.

Immediately, the array of vegetables perked the entire dish up and again, there were fresh to the point of being crunchy.

LeFood @ SS18

The perfectly cooked egg looked like a silky blanket covering the quinoa within snugly. When you take a bite out of the egg and quinoa, do so together with the avocado mash and the yoghurt, and experience that burst of flavour and texture that comes after. I rather enjoyed the contrast of texture between the smooth and creamy egg and yoghurt with the grainy quinoa and diced vegetables. You can’t help but yearn for another bite.

Would say that this dish would be my favourite dinner dish where the flavour is outstanding, and the portion is not too large. Do note that if you’re avoiding yolks, you can request for your omelette without them 😉

Must Try at LeFood @ SS18 #4: Philly Shrooms Steak Brown Rice Burrito Bowl (RM 22.90)

LeFood @ SS18

Philly Shrooms Steak Brown Rice Burrito Bowl (RM 22.90)

This was organic quinoa with Philly Shrooms steak sauce, Cajun spices, assorted vegetables, sweet potatoes and avocado mash.

The homemade tomato paste came in strong with the flavour, complementing instead of overpowering the dish.

But it was the mushrooms with its almost meat-like texture, rich and smoky, that commanded the dish.

LeFood @ SS18

The lightness of flavour to balance out the heavy was the nicely grilled pepped and cucumbers, alongside the rice replacements, quinoa and corn. So much yum.

I think this dish would fair best for lunch because the flavours are all hitting the right notes, and the quinoa will provide energy sans the sugar spike and crash that normally comes with rice. Do note that the portion here is massive though, so if you can’t stomach big portions, bring a friend!

Must Try at LeFood @ SS18 #5: Seven Wonder Fried Quinoa (RM 18.90)

LeFood @ SS18

Seven Wonder Fried Quinoa (RM 18.90)

This was organic quinoa with 2 eggs, assorted vegetables, walnuts, cherry tomatoes and pumpkin seeds.

Gentler on the taste buds, this dish still hit all the right notes, and its mushrooms were still on point. But the previous dishes were already so magnificent, it had to settle for fourth place.

LeFood @ SS18

Mind you, this dish was still good, and would still be a great dish to have any day of the week. Its portions are similar to the Philly Shrooms Steak Brown Rice Burrito Bowl, so if you can’t finish it, bring it back and you can have a perfectly portioned dinner for the night 🙂

If you’re swinging by, look out for LeFood’s upcoming promotion, the SAVER Menu, aimed to bring good quality healthy food at an affordable pricing to ALL. I’m all for healthy and comfort food being more accessible to everyone.


All in all, super stoked to have been able to sample LeFood out. Great ambiance, incredible food that has outstanding flavour, and a bevy of health benefits and it doesn’t break the bank! This is one place I’ll be visiting again and again!

We hope you benefit greatly from this article of LeFood @ SS18. If you want more, here are some Surprisingly Affordable Healthy Food Deliveries in KL.

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