Kurin outlet

Kurin @ Nu Sentral, Level 5

Kurin’s bright yellow walls seem to draw us in, its open fridge stocked with irresistible healthy offerings catching our attention instantly.

Kurin’s open fridge

Now this is how you sell healthy food!

Kurin looked like a walk through mini healthy supermarket. Definitely an ode to grab and go.

How Kurin Began

A band of brothers.

Kurin founder kenny kong

With Kurin’s founder on the left, Kenny Kang

Kenny Kang, Jason Lee and Ying Zhao, the brains behind the operations of Kurin.

What began as a small healthy food delivery project took full form August 2017 as a bright and bold healthy food joint in the middle of KL city. Nu Sentral to be exact.

After studying in UK and upon return to Malaysia, Jason found the dire need for clean and tasty food in KL.

Tasty was key here, because clean eating to them has to have flavour for it to be sustainable, especially to the Malaysian audience.

He’s absolutely right folks.

We do LOVE our flavour.

Having grown up on MSG, it’s supremely difficult to go cold turkey and cut all means of flavour from our diet. It just isn’t done.

So Kurin created a critical balance of tasty and healthy.

Kurin’s healthy, balanced meals

Perfect for the Malaysian trying to eat healthy.

A lot of factors kick-started their venture; government policies to clamp down on obesity, people getting more health conscious, nationwide goals to get the country fitter and in shape.

That was enough to push them off the edge, and hence, Kurin was born.


What makes Kurin Special?

Put simply, Kurin is a place where the healthy and the familiar collide.

Asian food? They’ve got it. Vietnamese spring rolls, soba noodles and sushi galore!

Poké Bowls and Salads? They’ve got it too, along with Chia seeds pudding, sandwiches and quinoa.

A fusion of taste and plenty of opportunity to customize and experiment.

If you’re one who demands different dishes daily, this is the place for you!

Kurin has three bases as mains; Dons, Pokérittos and Salads. And with that comes a wide range of proteins, carbs, sides, greens and add-ons.

Kurin ingredients

Sides and add ons to Kurin’s mains

You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Plus, they have a showcase fridge that houses fresh, daily-made and gone-by-night healthy offerings, some of which are nutritious sandwiches, healthy juices filled with chia seeds, chia seed puddings, Japanese soba noodles and sushi boxes, to name a few.

Chia seed puddings from Kurin’s open fridge.

So much yum!

There’s hardly any cooking done in Kurin.

With clear intention of preserving their foods’ nutrients, most of Kurin’s food selections are raw.

On occasion, they are either oven baked or grilled, so you can be rest assured that you’re consuming healthy servings of food.

On account of their poké bowls, the protein Kurin packs into their servings is highly commendable.

Salmon, fresh from Norway and premium blue fin tuna, sashimi grade, graces the poké bowls of Kurin.

Because the fish is already uber fresh and superbly tasty, there is no need for marinating here.

These toothsome morsels are served, as fresh as the moment they were cut. And their quality is showcased clearly in every bite.

Also, did I mention that this place is work friendly!

Kurin’s power sockets lined wall

Power sockets line one entire wall of Kurin so all your battery problems will be taken care of. It’s the details that make a difference!


Why Kurin is perfect for health and fitness enthusiasts

What’s great about Kurin is that they strive to cater for a number of different health goals.

Body builders in the house have great options like the High Protein Meal Combo of Oven Grilled Salmon with Quinoa, Onsen Egg and a Heal protein shake.

High Protein Meal Combo

People who want to eat lean will feel very welcomed with Kurin’s diet friendly meal options, such as the Poké Bowls, Pokérittos, and salads.

There is a vast selection of healthy food choices, again, a great show of how eating healthy is NOT boring in any way.

In fact, Kurin makes it so much fun!

Build your own bowls from scratch here!

Customized checklist for Kurin’s poké bowls, pokérittos and wraps

Mix and match combos from their showcase fridge!

Get balanced, tasty, nutritious meals on the go!

And let your food come to you if you want to avoid the city traffic.

If you’re working around KL or PJ, just order before 11am and you’ll be set for a fun lunch from Kurin.

Feel all your excuses against eating healthy quickly dissipate.


Kurin’s Top 4 Must Tries

Kurin’s Must Tries #1: Poké Bowls (RM19)
Kurin small poke bowl

Kurin’s poké bowls (small)

Made fast and fresh, the poké options here are fantastic.

Their fresh Norwegian salmon are to die for, so for you fans of fins out there, be prepared to be floored by the poké offerings here at Kurin.

Cool, fresh and soft with a bouncy-like, supple texture, you won’t be able to stop yourselves from wolfing down those marvellous morsels of meat.

Kurin large poke bowl

Salmon poké bowl (large)

As epic as the salmon was, you should definitely give the torched tuna with wasabi mayo here a try.

Prepare to get your minds blown!

The tuna is lightly torched to create a slightly charred outer layer, dripping with naturally sweet tuna oil, while the inner portion remains raw and chilled. The combination of that cooked layer of tuna with its soft and silky insides tangoing intimately with the creamy and sharply spicy wasabi mayo gives the entire mouthful a delightful and satisfying twist of flavour.

An impressive amalgamation to say the least.

There is a definite win here in terms of texture and taste.

A lot of tuna can be hard and chewy, but Kurin’s is soft, tender and sweet. The protein plated atop a colourful bed of greens, cherry tomatoes and corn makes this already mouth-watering bowl even more palatable. Kurin’s tasty Japanese rice also significantly adds pleasure to the entire affair.

Regular bowls are priced at RM19 and large ones go for RM24.

Kurin’s large and small poké bowls

Kurin’s Must Tries #2: High Protein Meal (RM 24)

High Protein Meal Combo Set

Perfect for the body builders out there, this pre or post workout meal is amazing for injecting the essential nutrients lost by the body after a vigorous exercise.

All the protein you need is packed into this pot of Oven Grilled Salmon with Quinoa and Onsen eggs with baby spinach on the side.

High in both fibre and protein, the grilled salmon tastes fabulous and fresh, its natural flavours complimenting the simple tones of quinoa.

The Onsen egg here added extra character to dish, its marvellous runny yolk gracing the dish with a stream of creamy and delicious golden goodness.

A bonus to this meal was the Heal protein drink that came with the combo set.

Kurin heal protein shake

Heal Protein Shake (from RM10)

In powder form, ready to be consumed after adding water to it, this bottle of nutritional goodness is both incredibly yummy and revitalising. Slightly too sweet for me, but for those who prefer your protein shake to go down alongside a dash of flavour, Heal is a pretty great and convenient option.

Kurin’s Must Tries #3: Granola (RM 9)
Kurin granola

Kurin’s granola range

A creation of Kurin, their granola range is really something that deserves the attention of health and fitness enthusiasts in KL.

Made with an assortment of healthy ingredients, already soaked chia seeds being one of them, honey to combine and salt and coconut sugar to flavour, this is something you really have to try.

I loved the Blueberry and Cranberry granola flavour.

Kurin granola

You’ll get generous amounts of dried fruit in each bite.

The texture of the granola is less crunchy that the one I’m used to, but if you’re going for the moister, mushier option, this texture might work very well for you.

But it was the Raw Cocoa and Walnut flavour that took centre stage for me.

Kurin granola

Crunchier than its blueberry and cranberry counterpart, this won mostly because I’m a fan of the cocoa flavour.

The great thing about it was the fact that it wasn’t sweet but still managed to be super tasty.

And having walnuts around is always a win! Plus, the fact that there were coconut flakes joining the party spicing up the already amazing flavours didn’t hurt.

Job well done here for Kurin!

Kurin’s Must Tries #4: Protein Brownies (RM 9.50)
Kurin Protein Brownies

Kurin’s Gluten Free Protein Brownies

All other brownies should bow and pay homage to this king of brownies.

The brownie of brownies, this chocolate packed cube of crumbly is definitely a win here at Kurin.

Thoroughly delicious, you wouldn’t think it a health food.

But in fact, Kurin’s Protein Brownies contain 10 grams of unflavoured whey protein, 4 grams of fibre, is low in GI, is gluten-free, replacing the typically used flour with almond milk, is made with healthy canola oil and is at the epitome level of sweetness.

Who knew so much goodness could be packed into one bundle of 30g brownies.

What is this sorcery!


Kurin’s Upcoming Promotions

So what’s new for Kurin?

Well they just introduced their Combo Sets, looking to add pre-made, grab and go salads to that selection. Besides that, they recently launched their line of granola that we were fortunate enough to taste.

Also, look out for their upcoming partnership with Quaker Oats! And their exciting Chinese New Year plans!

Deliciously fit, Kurin aims to take healthy living to the next level, one yummy, healthy meal at a time.

If you have a great tip on how to get fit and live healthy in KL, do share it in the comments below, however insignificant you think it might be.

Your tips might not even occur to others and may make a huge difference in the life of another.

So let’s cultivate that Malaysian sharing spirit and help each other out in our universal strive for personal fitness!

For more tips and tricks on how to get fit, specifically in KL, subscribe and we’ll send you useful advice, articles and videos to help you keep your fitness level up!

Welcome to this journey to better health!

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