When you envision the epitome of a healthy meal, the fresh and green salad often comes to mind.

Unfortunately, raw salads are not often the ‘Malaysian’ way to go about eating healthy, because we’re very used to cooked vegetables, not raw ones.

I hate to admit it, but raw veggies don’t often agree with my taste buds.

Fret not, there are multiple ways you can eat healthy without compromising on taste. Here is a list of meal replacements as nutritious as salads but still pack a punch in the taste department!

These are my favourite Healthy Salad Alternatives in KL!


Healthy Salad Alternatives in KL #1: Poke Bowls


Poke Bowls are my absolute favourite!

Not only do they look divine, but they are drowning with nutritious goodness and, taste absolutely delicious!

Especially if you’re a sushi fan, because the fresh, cut fish in there are my personal highlights.

Typically poké is composed of any meat or seafood cut into small chunks and marinated, the staple having cubes of raw ahi tuna, tossed with green and white onions, sesame oil and soy sauce.

Traditional poké seasonings have been heavily influenced by Japanese and other Asian cuisines during Japan’s invasion of Hawaii during the Second World War.

Similar to the Buddha Bowl, Poke Bowls are incredibly well-balanced meals comprised of a healthy proportion of protein, carbohydrates and fibre, their freshly cut fish being their unique standing point.

It’s because of that ‘fishy’ element that ranks this heathy meal as my favourite healthy salad alternative in KL.

I do have to note though, that not all poke bowls are created equal, so my personal favourite at the moment is The Fish Bowl at Bandar Sunway.

Healthy Salad Alternatives in KL

Poke Bowl at The Fish Bowl (RM 17.90)

Not only is it cheap and yummy, the protein used is fresh and its price is not that extravagant.

Definitely a great find!


Healthy Salad Alternatives in KL #2: Granola


By far the most convenient meal idea on this list, I’m surprised that not many KL-ers have picked up on this.

Granola is super delicious, and super easy to prepare.

All you need is milk!

And if you’re in the mood of getting creative, throw in some fresh fruits or an addition of your favourite nuts to enhance both flavour and nutrients.

I love having a bowl of Granola Geek’s goodness any time of the day, both as a meal or a snack.

Healthy Salad Alternatives in KL

Granola from Granola Geeks

Its welcoming flavours are something I’ll not get bored with, plus I know that it is filling me up with the optimal amount of nutrients I need throughout the day!

Best of all because of its nutrient heavy content, I get pretty full by the time I’m done with one serving and it’s surprising that those little amounts can keep me going for the whole day!

The energy contained in those packets are commendable.

My favourite flavour is the Livin’ La Vida, you cannot go wrong with that chocolate-y taste and it’s a delight to devour, every single time!

Livin’ La Vida Cocoa flavour from Granola Geeks

You can purchase some here if you’d like! For RM18, you can get 5 wholesome meals, pretty worth it if you ask me!


Healthy Salad Alternatives in KL #3: Buddha Bowl


Buddha Bowl is an amazing alternative for a salad.

The reason why those who can’t stand salads should introduce the Buddha Bowl into their diets is because it has all the goodness of the salad but it doesn’t compromise on taste.

Here’s how they are chock full of all the vegetables a salad has, yet taste incredibly yummy (when made right).

Buddha Bowls are essentially a full meal that typically contains 15 percent lean protein, 25 percent carbohydrates, 35 percent vegetables, 10 percent sauce and 30 percent of nuts, seeds or sprouts.

It is more of a formula to the perfectly balanced meal.

So when you’re making this at home, Buddha Bowls are a pretty good guideline to how you should prepare your meal and what to buy at the store.

If you’re always on the move and have zero time to DIY, opt for really great healthy eating spots around KL!

My favourite Buddha Bowl so far is the one at La Juiceria Superfoods.

Buddha Bowl (RM18.90)

Buddha Bowl from La Juiceria (RM18.90)

It dons a unique but familiar look of a Thai and curry combo. Tastes delicious and you feel healthier with each bite!


Healthy Salad Alternatives in KL #4: Smoothie Bowls


Smoothie bowls cooked up a storm the past year. Especially on Instagram. Everyone is parading around their gorgeous smoothie bowl creations and I am DEFINITELY loving it!

If you can make your food look as good as it tastes, there’s definitely no harm in that!

But looks aside, smoothie bowls are not just pretty on the outside, they are incredibly nutritious and healthy in the inside too, what with all the fruits and nuts blended into its silky, luxurious waves.

One of my favourite meals to have. Because of the large portion size, it does fill you up quite a bit, but admittedly, not as much as the rest on this list. Still, definitely a safe and healthy option for a good, wholesome meal.

What would make the smoothie bowl option even better is if it was an Açaí Smoothie, a frozen blend made specifically with the açaí berry pulp.

Açaí Smoothie at Cabana Açaí

This nutritional heavyweight champion of a berry carries more than twice the amount of antioxidants than that of blueberries, and ten times that of grapes.

Great for heart health, muscle performance and energy production, what with its robust dose of anthocyanin antioxidants, amino acids, protein, calcium, fibre, omega fats and vitamins.

So definitely one of the great healthy salad alternatives in KL to look out for.

Here are the Top 12 Smoothie Spots in KL.


Healthy Salad Alternatives in KL #5: Yoghurt


Source: Pixabay

A great way to jump-start a weight loss plan, yoghurt is definitely a helpful healthy salad alternative in KL.

Great to cut down meal portions whilst still having enough calories and nutrients to nourish your body, this is a great meal replacement to enable you to lose weight in a healthy and wholesome way.

But the important thing here is that you choose a yoghurt that does have the nutritional content that is essential to what your body needs.

Check to see if your yoghurt is made with live and active cultures, because these cultures contain probiotics that help boost your immune system and promote digestive health.

A brilliant brand I’m very pleased to come across in Malaysia is the Moo Cow yoghurt, and best of all, they sell their amazingly delicious and healthy yoghurt in 1 litre tubs for only RM29.90!

Moo Cow’s Active Life Culture Yoghurt

So you can purchase one back and use as needed.

Add fresh fruits, nuts or granola to spice things up with your yoghurt and give it that nutritional boost!

Bon Appétit and enjoy your yummy alternative to a boring salad!


Healthy Salad Alternatives in KL #6: Eggs


If you can’t stand a salad plain, maybe try adding eggs into it. Or add eggs into whatever you’re having for lunch.

Or, have it on its own for that matter, since it’s pretty much delicious by itself.

The fact is, any meal containing eggs is a win for your body. It’s simple, easy to prepare, filled with wholesome nutrients and tastes pretty epic, even with minimal spices applied.

It’s incredibly versatile. Hard boiled, half boiled, sunny side up, scrambled, made into an omelette, the possibilities are pretty much endless when you put your mind to it.

Mix and match your egg recipes with wholemeal bread, avocado, meat, fish, it doesn’t take much to impress.

Which is why eggs are still my favourite go to when I need to make a meal.

They are filled with a healthy dose of your daily protein requirements as well as a pretty well rounded composition of nutrients.

What’s in an egg is used to make a baby chick after all! Enough said!


Healthy Salad Alternatives in KL #7: Overnight Oats


Black N Beige Overnight Chia Oats

Most of us cringe at the thought of oats. So bland, so gamy.

But I’m about to change all ya’ll minds!

When made right, can be incredibly yummy! So good, you wouldn’t believe you’re actually eating oats!

Get ready to make this meal your best lunch friend! It’s super convenient to bring around, fills you up and pumps your system full of healthy nutrients!

Briefly, overnight oats are basically a mixture of raw oats soaked overnight in lemon water, milk or yogurt, then served uncooked with fruits, nuts and granola.

They are filled with weight-loss friendly starches, beta-glucan fiber, and cholesterol lowering properties.

Having an overnight oats jar prepped and ready to eat is a great way to battle the seduction of all that amazing Malaysian food. Plus, it’s super mobile. You can take it anywhere. So even if you have to join some colleagues for breakfast, it’s easy to bring your oat jar along to avoid ordering anything unhealthy.

I’ve tried a bunch of overnight oats but my two favourites are the ones from Squeeeze Me Baby and Black and Beige.

Squeeeze Me Baby Oatmeal Jars

Squeeeze Me Baby’s Oatmeal Jars (RM13.90)

They may very well end up as your lunch staples! Healthy and unbelievably yummy.


I hope you’ll benefit leaps and bounds with these Top 7 healthy salad alternatives in KL. Just to be clear, I’m not putting salads down at all, just trying to work with the taste preference Malaysians already have. It’s best to begin with something familiar when it comes to healthy eating.

To be fair, salads can be delicious when made right, take for example Ours Eatery.

OURS Eatery

Salad at Ours Eatery (RM 15.90)

New in KL, but they make fantastic salads! You should check them out if you’re looking for a healthy lunch fix in DC Mall.

Another epic spot is La Juiceria.

Healthy Salad Alternatives in KL

Build-Your-Own Gourmet Salad (Grand Size – RM 24.90)

Eat fantastic food here, without the guilt of excess calories!

If you have a great tip on how to get fit and live healthy in KL, do share it in the comments below, however insignificant you think it might be.

Your tips might not even occur to others and may make a huge difference in the life of another.

So let’s cultivate that Malaysian sharing spirit and help each other out in our universal strive for personal fitness!

For more tips and tricks on how to get fit, specifically in KL, subscribe and we’ll send you useful advice, articles and videos to help you keep your fitness level up!

Welcome to this journey to better health!

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