How Real Food Mont Kiara Began

Originating from Singapore, Real Food Mont Kiara has claimed its rightful place in our books as one of KL’s best spots for healthy eating.

Real Food Mont Kiara Exterior

With an almost 100% plant-based menu, and a creative kitchen crew, there are very little things here you won’t eat without gusto (because food here tastes amaaaazinggg).

Real Food Mont Kiara

The story of Real Food Mont Kiara began three years back, when Sherine, a nutritionist by profession stumbled across Real Food in Singapore and decided to pioneer its salubrious menu back in Malaysia.

Sherine Goh, Founder of Real Food Mont Kiara

At the time, there were very limited choices for Malaysians to dine out with good quality food. A need that Sherine ventured to thoroughly meet.

And hence this transparent, clean kitchen came to be.

Serving real food to people who believe and appreciate the health and fitness benefits behind a healthy meal, this welcoming den that is Real Food is a real joy to dine in not just because of its delectable dishes but also its welcoming atmosphere and chic interior design, equipped and ergonomic for work but at the same time cosy enough for a relaxing meal.

Real Food Mont Kiara

Real Food Mont Kiara can be work-conducive


Real Food Mont Kiara

Or, cozy and comfortable.


What makes Real Food Special?

What sets Real Food Mont Kiara apart is good quality food, from the French oil and choice equipment they use to prepare their dishes to the sourcing of high-calibre, responsibly-made raw ingredients.

Real Food Mont Kiara

Real Food’s responsibly-sourced chicken eggs

So thoughtful are their farm to table efforts that Real Food’s eggs are produced from a farm in Perak where their chickens are fed with the waste from Real Food Mont Kiara’s kitchen. Talk about being environmentally sustainable. Here’s one place doing it right!

The putting together of each dish is mindful and creative, harnessing the taste and texture of vegetables, seed, and fruits to craft an eating experience not unfamiliar even to the self-proclaimed ‘carnivores’.

Real Food Mont Kiara

Having a balanced mix of Western and Asian selection of dishes, both the locals and expats can come in and dine in familiarity or if they are up for it, chose to experiment, taste-wise, in cuisines different from their everyday norm.


Why Real Food is perfect for health and fitness enthusiasts?

For those living on a mantra of “You are what you eat”, you’ll find that your health goals resonate harmoniously with that of Real Food’s.

Real Food Mont Kiara

They truly understand the struggle and importance of eating well, so with every spoonful you take in, you can be rest assured that you are eating good carbohydrates and good protein.

Even their desserts are crafted carefully to be great for your body.


Real Food Mont Kiara’s Top 3 Must Tries

Lentil Quinoa Burger.

Lentil Quinoa Burger (RM 34)

This was a surprising dish to say the least. Nothing short of brilliant.

Real Food has managed to turn an iconic, unhealthy, meat-based fast food into a nutritious, protein-filled, plant-based, wholesome meal.

Believe it or not, this delectable dish, was delicious AF!

This great source of high quality protein has bagged a name for itself in Mont Kiara as a great post-workout meal.

A favourite among the dudes, the supposedly meat portion of the burger has been replaced by a deep-fried patty of lentils, quinoa, potato and flax seeds, the result of which was a taste, texture and consistency not unlike that of meat.

Very pleasant on the taste buds, the burger blew us completely away, proving that any type of dish can be made healthily with the correct ingredients.

The baked sweet potatoes accompanying the dish tasted absolutely glorious, and as if the dish was not already nutritious enough, there is a trusty bowl of greens as a side, with light dressing, giving the salad just the right amount of flavour it needs.


Sweet Pumpkin Pancake.

Sweet Pumpkin Pancake (RM 23)

A delight to devour, these gluten-free golden orbs, topped with fruits were definitely one of the best desserts that we have crossed paths with.

Made entirely from pumpkin mash, this simple treat will may your freaking day.

A dessert without the detrimental blood-sugar side effects, its texture is slightly tougher that we would have liked, but it made up in terms of flavour.

Pleasantly mild with a hint of pumpkin sweet, the pancake tangoed harmoniously with the apple, orange and pineapple toppings, the accompanying syrup enhancing the overall flavour, but not overwhelming what natural taste there was.


Signature Steamed Dumpling.

Signature Steamed Dumpling (RM 19)

Made of 7 ingredients, all of which are plants, this unassuming oriental delicacy donned a new form in Real Food.

Absent meat, the typically present minced pork was replaced by a rich amalgamation of vegetables, wrapped snuggly in organic dumpling skin.

This light and uncomplicated meal packs quite a punch in the nutrition department, not to mention its pretty impressive texture that imitated that of minced meat, to a tee.

The ‘meat’ portion of the dumpling was fashioned out of celery, mushroom, carrots, fresh beans, bean curd, turnip and coriander. Talk about a healthy and balanced dose of vitamins and minerals!

This emulating of taste and texture of regular dumplings was definitely impressive.

We didn’t feel like we were munching on vegetables at all!

The flavours were on point and we thoroughly enjoyed the dining experience.

Best of all, from one single dumpling, you’ll be introducing an impressive amount of natural, wholesome, goodness into your body.


Real Food Mont Kiara Upcoming Promotions

If you’re looking for a way to get healthy, home-cooked meals five days a week, your struggle in healthy food hunting is about to disappear.

Real Food Mont Kiara is currently having a 5 Days Clean Eating Campaign.

You can now pay a package price and enjoy their specially crafted menu that changes every day of the week!


Office Catering-3


This definitely makes meal times something to look forward too! A healthy wholesome meal waiting for you after a stressful start to the day, instead of an inconvenient hunt for the nearest food that’s least detrimental to the body.

At Real Food Mont Kiara, Sherine claims “We won’t serve anything we wouldn’t give to our family”.

Food here matters and they believe that we shouldn’t eat just for the sake of eating.

Rather, each meal is prime opportunity to inject your body with its much deserved dose of daily nutrients.

For more epic healthy eats around the city of KL, look no further, you can find an extensive list here!

I hope you’ll benefit leaps and bounds with these healthy eats finds around KL!

If you have a great tip on how to get fit and live healthy in KL, do share it in the comments below, however insignificant you think it might be.

Your tips might not even occur to others and may make a huge difference in the life of another.

So let’s cultivate that Malaysian sharing spirit and help each other out in our universal strive for personal fitness!

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Welcome to this journey to better health!



Sherilyn · November 16, 2018 at 8:33 am

Your article says “100% plant-based menu” but there are eggs. Please explain.

    Sue Anne · November 18, 2018 at 4:22 am

    Hey Sherilyn, thank you loads for pointing that out. I’ve updated the article to correct my mistake 😀 Thank you for your concerned observation.

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