Hey guys! Hope you’re staying home and keeping our country a little bit safer.

This article will be a tribute to the front liners of the outbreak battle.

For those who’d like to do something to help out the front-liners, that are risking their lives, there are some companies trying to help out.

1. Agrain

Agrain is a healthy food chain, providing healthy food that supplies nutritious energy.

During this period of MCO, we have seen the tireless efforts of front liners working hard with extended shifts, risking their lives in order to protect us Malaysians. Hence, on day 3 of MCO, they launched a 50% off all hospital workers campaign.

Apart from that, they invite you to donate meal boxes to the hospital workers. Agrain initiated a #1FOR1 movement. They will match all donations. For each meal box donated, they will also donate another box towards this important mission. 1 for 1. This is in hopes that this movement will help spread awareness of the importance of the frontliners who are combating the Covid-19 pandemic, and ultimately helping these warriors through the tough times.

Here’s how you can do your part! #1FOR1
Step 1: Contact the Agrain team through their social media accounts (instagram/facebook: agrainmy)
Step 2: Contribute meal boxes within your affordability (every meal box counts)
Step 3: Each of your names will be written on each of the meal boxes to let the front liners know that they are not alone in this!

Get in touch with them here:  012-680 5950

2. The Kefir King

Kefir is a natural probiotic drink that boosts immune system which is what the front liners need, given that they are at high risk of exposure.

The Kefir King

Passing by road blocks to deliver to their customers, they are grateful for protection the police are giving to stem the spread of the virus on a national level. Their hard work, discomfort and sacrifice must be appreciated.

For every order they receive during the MCO period (2nd April – 14th April), The Kefir King will be donating one bottle to front liners with your name on it.

Get in touch to help out here: 012-9306108

3. Picha Eats

Picha Eats is a food catering social enterprise that aids refugees in Malaysia.

They have started the Zaza movement. Since the MCO was announced, there were multiple requests to provide food for front liners and the B40 community.

So you can donate to help feed these groups that need it. Account details are below. And this fund will be used to distribute food to front-liners, refugee communities, old folks home and local B40 groups.

Picha Sdn Bhd

Maybank: 564146643727

Recipient Reference: Zaza Movement


Let’s all do our part in this difficult time. If you know any other places helping out with the Covid – 19, please comment below and we’ll add it to the list!




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