Ashley’s By Living Foods: Real Food that Revs up your Appetite

Vegan Borneo Laksa (RM 25)

It was a pleasure to stumble in, hot and bothered, to the cool cosy interior of Ashley’s Living Food, blissfully staving off the outside Malaysian heat. With an abundance of woody textures, and a minimally ornamented tree as the centrepiece, the idea was to evoke a sense of being close to nature. A tranquil place indeed to spend a leisurely evening reading from Ashley’s pile of interesting books, sipping a glass of Yummy, their refreshing blend of rejuvenating tropical fruits.

Yummy (RM12) and The Hempstring (RM15)

One of the early pioneers of real and healthy food, sans the religious connotation, Ashley and her mum birth the Living Foods brand 6 years ago and since then, the duo have come an impressively long way. The humble creator of arguably the best raw food restaurant in the Telawi area answered shyly when asked, that she was happy to see people enjoying her nutritious meals, being educated in the importance of food nutrition, and some even converting to real food eating after learning of its far-reaching benefits.

Organic Apple Crumble (RM18)

With most of her childhood revolving around healthy, real food, Ashley is very particular about the types of ingredients used, how these ingredients come to be and how each dish is prepared in terms of temperature (must be below 42 degrees Celsius to retain phytonutrients and enzymes) and type of oil used. All their ingredients are carefully sourced, building blocks to the creation of healthy masterpieces that draw customers back time and time again. Also, at Ashley’s is where divergent preferences converge. She’s made sure that there is something for everyone. So vegetarians, vegans and even meat lovers, can all find solace and satisfaction in Ashley’s carefully crafted menu. And here are some of our best picks.

Ashley’s By Living Foods Top Dishes #1: Quinoa Sushi

Ashley’s By Living Foods

Quinoa Sushi (RM24)

Tri-coloured quinoa, to replace the usual carbohydrate-packed sticky rice, together with cucumbers, avocados and mangos are neatly wrapped up in raw nori. The delightful rolls of brightly coloured sushi lookalikes were a real tease. They hold together very well, making it an easy task to lift with chopsticks, yet break apart beautifully in the mouth. The balsamic tones of the Quinoa Shushi with the sharper accompanying notes of soy sauce and wasabi, definitely makes for a scrumptious bite.

Ashley’s By Living Foods Top Dishes #2: Hashirama’s Pumpkin Seed Pizza

Ashley’s By Living Foods

Hashirama’s Pumpkin Seed Pizza (RM42)

This Japanese inspired pizza is completely vegan. With lovingly homemade tomato pizza sauce, swimming around the healthy toppings, the unique twist about this pizza is its pumpkin seed crust. Made entirely out of this superfood that’s rich in protein, vitamin E and healthy Omega-3 fats, the mellow flavours of the crust aids in highlighting the richer tones of the piquant pineapple, mushroom and tomato toppings.

Ashley’s By Living Foods Top Dishes #3: Breakfast Board

Ashley’s By Living Foods

Breakfast Board (RM55)

This colossal assemblage of a day’s first meal, is a spectacular spread indeed. Complete with Waghu beef bacon, potato waffles and eggs, sunny side up, the epically huge portions is guaranteed to satisfy. The grilled mushrooms were savoury and simply delicious, mingling harmoniously with the mellow taste of the soft and fluffy potato waffles. The Waghu Beef though, tasted anything but mild. Cooked with a rich assortment of spices and herbs, it was tender, juicy and invigoratingly addictive.

Ashley’s By Living Foods Top Dishes #4: Living Cream Pockets

Ashley’s By Living Foods

Living Cream Pockets (RM25)

Robust nutty flavours emanate from this delicate dessert. With its paper-thin crepe skin made from almonds and bananas, giving it a brown velvety finish, this distinct crepe blankets around sweet nut cream and fresh fruits. A light and creamy snack, the denser, sweeter flavours from the banana and almonds balances well the sour notes of berries bringing the entire gastronomic experience at Ashley’s by Living Foods to a glorious and nutritious crescendo.


All in all, a pretty great selection of healthy food. It may be on the pricier side but if ever you are in Jalan Telawi and want to avoid all the delicious junk this amazing street has to offer, Ashley’s by Living Foods would be the place to go.

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Ashley’s by Living Food

Address: 11, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hours: Open today · 9AM–11PM
Phone: +60 17-325 3663

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