About Me

Out of the thousands of decisions we make daily, at least three times a day, we decide what to have for our meals. And I’m living in a city with glorious glorious food, so for years and years, the struggle has been real.

The girl behind the scenes

My name is Sue Anne and I’m just a regular working girl in Malaysia, who loves food a little too much and have been trying to perfect the formula for staying slim and healthy for as long as I can remember.

How Get Fit KL! was born

Getting fit and staying that way has been my goal since forever. Somehow I just keep slacking off and I know many people do that same. It’s extra hard to make time, what with work taking up three quarters of my waking moments. But over the years of dieting and working out, I’ve come to the conclusion that keeping fit is a lifelong mission, it’s not just to hit my ideal weight. And it’s no longer just about how I look. It’s also about my future. Whether my body can brave aging and how I want to do it gracefully.

Taking a look at the everyday food we consume, mostly processed and packaged for convenience, I don’t think that our bodies are capable of surviving the trauma the world inflicts upon us. It’s no wonder that we’re getting sick more frequently and deadly diseases are popping up like mushrooms after rain. What we’re used to eating now is not natural. It’s definitely not giving us the nutrients we need to sustain the wonderful machine we call our body. What’s worse, think about the amount of time we spend on our bums facing a screen in this digital age, and we can stop wondering why our generation is the most obese it has ever been.

While it certainly takes effort to get up, go out and buy fresh groceries (I totally feel your pain here, I abhor this chore myself), and spend half an hour of my time working out instead of scrolling through Instagram or binging on Youtube videos, I have finally found a good balance of time and effort to get myself fit and stay that way. It doesn’t take a whole lot of work, I still have time for my preferred activities, doesn’t cost a bomb, have a body I’m not ashamed to flaunt, and most importantly, I’ll be keeping healthy, giving my body the nutrients and exercise it needs.

And so, being the innately selfless being that I am (I jest), my aim is to share these tips with anyone who’s willing to listen! You most absolutely CAN get the figure you’ve always wanted and more importantly, be carefully constructing a healthy body that will weather the times to come!

P.S. I post up new tips and tricks at least once a week on keeping fit and healthy, so if you’d want to be kept in the loop, would be amazing if you put your email in the subscription box below and you’ll have something every week to keep you motivated! Welcome to this journey to better health! You’re not alone!